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WCC Ranking
 1 Gonzaga (14) 16-2(28-4) 
 2 BYU 15-3(25-6) 
 3 Pepperdine 12-6(20-11) 
 4 St.Marys, CA 12-6(20-11) 
 5 Pacific 10-8(18-12) 
 6 Loyola Mary 10-8(18-14) 
 7 Santa Clara 6-12(14-17) 
 8 Portland 5-13(13-17) 
 9 San Diego 2-16(9-21) 
 10 USF 2-16(7-24) 

WCC Men 2018-2019
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Points Per Game
 Zykera RICE
  Avg: 15.5
 1. Rice, Gonzaga15.5 
 2. Townsend, Gonzaga9.3 
 3. Smith, Gonzaga9.1 
 4. Stockton, Gonzaga9.0 
 5. Wirth, Gonzaga8.6 
 6. Campbell, Gonzaga7.8 
 7. Wirth, Gonzaga6.6 
 8. Loera, Gonzaga5.8 
 9. Kempton, Gonzaga4.2 
 10. Forsyth, Gonzaga2.3 
Rebounds Per Game
  Avg: 5.4
 1. Wirth, Gonzaga5.4 
 2. Rice, Gonzaga5.4 
 3. Smith, Gonzaga5.0 
 4. Townsend, Gonzaga4.6 
 5. Wirth, Gonzaga4.4 
 6. Stockton, Gonzaga3.1 
 7. Kempton, Gonzaga3.0 
 8. Campbell, Gonzaga2.5 
 9. Loera, Gonzaga1.7 
 10. Forsyth, Gonzaga0.8 
Assists Per Game
 Jessie LOERA
  Avg: 4.3
 1. Loera, Gonzaga4.3 
 2. Stockton, Gonzaga4.3 
 3. Smith, Gonzaga2.6 
 4. Campbell, Gonzaga1.4 
 5. Rice, Gonzaga1.4 
 6. Townsend, Gonzaga1.3 
 7. Wirth, Gonzaga0.8 
 8. Wirth, Gonzaga0.6 
 9. Kempton, Gonzaga0.4 
 10. Forsyth, Gonzaga0.1 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 1.7
 1. Stockton, Gonzaga1.7 
 2. Loera, Gonzaga1.5 
 3. Campbell, Gonzaga1.3 
 4. Smith, Gonzaga1.0 
 5. Rice, Gonzaga1.0 
 6. Townsend, Gonzaga0.8 
 7. Wirth, Gonzaga0.8 
 8. Kempton, Gonzaga0.6 
 9. Wirth, Gonzaga0.5 
 10. Forsyth, Gonzaga0.3 
Blocks Per Game
 Zykera RICE
  Avg: 0.8
 1. Rice, Gonzaga0.8 
 2. Wirth, Gonzaga0.8 
 3. Kempton, Gonzaga0.6 
 4. Wirth, Gonzaga0.4 
 5. Smith, Gonzaga0.4 
 6. Stockton, Gonzaga0.2 
 7. Townsend, Gonzaga0.2 
 8. Loera, Gonzaga0.1 
 9. Campbell, Gonzaga0.1 
 10. Barfield, Gonzaga0.0 

Brigham Young University wins the WCC 2018-2019 title (Photo: WCC)

Brigham Young University 2018-19
Jeff Judkins Jeff Judkins Judkins
Shalae Salmon
Maria Albiero
Jasmine Moody
Paisley Johnson
Brenna Chase
# Name CM (INCH) Pos Bo NAT
3  Salmon Shalae 190 (6'3'') F 98 New Zealand
5  Albiero Maria 173 (5'8'') G 98 Brazil
33  Moody Jasmine 188 (6'2'') F 0 USA
13  Johnson Paisley 175 (5'9'') G 0 USA
1  Chase Brenna 175 (5'9'') G 0 USA
32  Glantz Signe 184 (6'1'') F/C 99 Sweden
22  Hamson Sara 201 (6'7'') C 0 USA
11  Smiler Kaylee 173 (5'8'') G 0 New Zealand
21  Taito Khaedin 180 (5'11'') G 97 New Zealand
14  Ugwu Babalu 183 (6'0'') F 0 Brazil
23  White Tahlia 183 (6'0'') F 0 USA
24  Beckstrand Ashley 170 (5'7'') G 0 USA
15  Valgardson Malli 196 (6'5'') F 0 USA
2  Gonzales Shaylee 178 (5'10'') G 0 USA
10  Mangum Abby 183 (6'0'') F 0 USA
12  Alldredge Cailtyn 178 (5'10'') G 0 USA
Head Coach: Jeff Judkins
Coach Assistant: Dan Nielson
Coach Assistant: Ray Stewart
Coach Assistant: Ashley Garfield

Crumpacker: WCC Women's Final Recap - Mar 13, 2019

By John Crumpacker
#WCChoops Columnist

As it turned out, Gonzaga's semifinal win over Saint Mary's was indeed a pyrrhic one. It came at too great a cost.

Without starting point guard Laura Stockton (5'8''-G) and key reserve Jill Townsend (5'11''-G), both felled by left leg injuries on Monday that had them on crutches a day later, the Zags were just a shadow of themselves in the West Coast Conference women's tournament championship game vs. BYU.

Once BYU went on a 16-0 run in the second period to take a 35-23 lead, Gonzaga was unable to respond and spent the rest of the game at the Orleans Arena playing uphill, a reality compounded by head coach Lisa Fortier having to leave the game in the fourth period due to a family medical emergency.

With guard Brenna Chase (5'9''-G) raining down 3-point shots (7 of 12) for 25 points, the Cougars won going away 82-68 to claim their first WCC Tournament championship since 2015; BYU also won in 2012. At 25-6, BYU is going to the NCAA Tournament.

So, too, is Gonzaga at 28-4 with its outstanding body of work during the season.

'There is no question when you lose two players the caliber of Laura and Jill probably affected their team,'' BYU coach Jeff Judkins said. 'Both those players are tough and physical.''

Judkins' team is tough, too. Once it got up, it never let up. At some point in the third period, it became obvious that this was just not Gonzaga's day.

'We had a whole bunch of energy,'' said BYU guard Paisley Johnson (5'9''-G), named the Most Outstanding Player of the tournament. 'We were all excited to be here. We could see, not the fear in their eyes, but they were a little freaked out. We took advantage.''

Gonzaga assistant coach Jordan Green took over when Fortier had to leave. The Zags went quietly in the fourth period, scoring 12 points in a futile attempt to catch up to a team simply playing better than them.

'It did not have an impact on the game,'' Green said. 'It shows how important the Gonzaga family is.''

The game started out well enough for Gonzaga as it built a 23-19 lead at the end of the first period in what proved to be an illusion as to how the top seed would fare the rest of the way.

Asked how her team felt as the game progressed, Gonzaga's Zykera Rice (6'1''-F) said, 'I thought (our attitude) was good. We wanted to play for them (Stockton and Townsend), obviously. When we came out, we were enthusiastic.''

That changed once the game started, however, and Gonzaga realized its axis was a bit tilted with the events of the last two days.

'I would say not happy emotion,'' said Rice, who had 25 points and was her team's primary option on offense. 'With everything happening outside basketball, it shows you basketball is just a game. There are things more important.''

BYU went through a stretch in conference play in which it lost three straight games, at Loyola Marymount (61-58), at Pepperdine (79-65) and at home to Saint Mary's (78-75). At that point, coach Jeff Judkins gathered his trio of guards - Chase, Johnson and Shaylee Gonzales - and had a heart-to-heart chat.

'When we lost those three games, I pulled those three guards together and said the pressure's on you,'' Judkins said. 'You have to play your game for this team to win. That's what I love about them. They accepted the challenge.''

The result? BYU is the WCC Tournament champion, working on an eight-game winning streak that it will carry over to the NCAA Tournament.

'I wanted to show the conference the kind of player I can be,'' Johnson said. 'I think it was us coming together as a team. We're some pretty good players. We work well together.''

They do indeed. Chase (25), Johnson (20) and Gonzales (19) scored 64 of their team's 82 points while hitting 20 of 42 shots.

'I think we had some mental lapses,'' Rice said. 'I thought we learned our lesson the first two times -- not letting them get off as many 3's as they did. It is hard to beat a team when you allow them to shoot, especially with the shooters they have. I think that played a big part.''

Two of BYU's three guards ended up on the All-Tournament team with Johnson and Gonzales. Also named to the team were Megan McKay (6'3''-F-97) of Saint Mary's, Rice of Gonzaga and Yasmine Robinson-Bacote (5'11''-F) of Pepperdine.

Courtesy of

WCC Tournament Final: Brigham Young - Gonzaga 82-68
WCC Tournament Semifinals:
Brigham Young - Pepperdine 68-63
Gonzaga - Saint Mary's 78-77 (2OT)

All-WCC Awards 2019 - Mar 13, 2019

All-WCC 1st Team 2019
Brenna Chase
Chelsey Gipson
Shaylee Gonzales
Valerie Higgins
Megan McKay

All-Tournament MVP: Paisley Johnson (5'9''-G) of BYU
Player of the Year: Yasmine Robinson-Bacote (5'11''-F) of Pepperdine
Defensive Player of the Year: Valerie Higgins (6'1''-G-98) of Pacific
Newcomer of the Year: Shaylee Gonzales (5'10''-G) of BYU
Coach of the Year: Craig Fortier of Gonzaga

1st Team
G: Brenna Chase (5'9''-G) of BYU
G: Chelsey Gipson (5'7''-G) of Loyola Mary
G: Shaylee Gonzales (5'10''-G) of BYU
G: Valerie Higgins (6'1''-G-98) of Pacific
F: Megan McKay (6'3''-F-97) of St.Mary's, CA
F: Sydney Raggio (6'1''-F) of St.Mary's, CA
F: Zykera Rice (6'1''-F) of Gonzaga
F: Yasmine Robinson-Bacote (5'11''-F) of Pepperdine
G: Chandler Smith (6'0''-G) of Gonzaga
G: Laura Stockton (5'8''-G) of Gonzaga

2nd Team
G: Tia Hay (5'7''-G) of Santa Clara
G: Paisley Johnson (5'9''-G) of BYU
F: Anaya McDavid (6'1''-F) of Pacific
G: Shannon Powell (5'6''-G) of USF
F: Julie Spencer (6'2''-F-96) of Portland

Honorable Mention
Bree Alford (6'0''-F-96) of Loyola Mary
Jasmine Forcadilla (5'8''-G-97) of St.Mary's, CA
Ashlyn Herlihy (6'1''-F) of Santa Clara
Ameela Li (5'6''-G) of Pacific
Barbara Sitanggan (5'6''-G) of Pepperdine
Jill Townsend (5'11''-G) of Gonzaga

All-Tournament Team
F: Megan McKay (6'3''-F-97) of St.Mary's, CA
F: Yasmine Robinson-Bacote (5'11''-F) of Pepperdine
G: Paisley Johnson (5'9''-G) of BYU
G: Shaylee Gonzales (5'10''-G) of BYU
F: Zykera Rice (6'1''-F) of Gonzaga

All-Freshman Team
G: Haylee Andrews (5'9''-G) of Portland
G: Malia Bambrick (5'10''-G) of Pepperdine
G: Shaylee Gonzales (5'10''-G) of BYU
G: Samantha Simons (6'1''-G-00) of St.Mary's, CA
G: Lindsey Vanallen (5'9''-G) of Santa Clara

All-Academic Team
F: Bree Alford (6'0''-F-96) of Loyola Mary
C: Sara Hamson (6'7''-C) of BYU
G: Ameela Li (5'6''-G) of Pacific
F: Moa Lundqvist (6'1''-F-95) of USF
G: Maddie Muhlheim (5'7''-G) of Portland
G: Sydney Shepard (5'11''-G-97) of San Diego
G: Chandler Smith (6'0''-G) of Gonzaga
G: Carly Turner (6'0''-G-95) of St.Mary's, CA
G: Andee Velasco (5'8''-G-96) of Loyola Mary
F: Lauren Yearwood (6'3''-F-97) of Santa Clara


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