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Pierre Ploszajski

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WNBA Standings
 1 Atlanta D. 0-0 
 2 Chicago S. 0-0 
 3 Connecticut S. 0-0 
 4 Indiana F. 0-0 
 5 New York L. 0-0 
 6 Washington M. 0-0 
 1 Dallas W. 0-0 
 2 L.Angeles S. 0-0 
 3 Las Vegas Aces 0-0 
 4 Minnesota L. 0-0 
 5 Phoenix M. 0-0 
 6 Seattle S. 0-0 

Stats Leaders
Points Per Game
 Elizabeth CAMBAGE
  Dallas W.
  Avg: 22.9
 1. Cambage, Dallas W.22.9 
 2. Stewart, Seatt.22.4 
 3. Wilson, Las V.20.7 
 4. Taurasi, Phoen.20.7 
 5. Griner, Phoenix M.20.7 
 6. Delle-Donne, Washingt.20.4 
 7. Charles, New Y.19.7 
 8. Bonner, Phoenix M.18.4 
 9. McBride, Las V.18.2 
 10. Diggins, Dallas W.18.2 
Rebounds Per Game
 Sylvia FOWLES
  Avg: 11.9
 1. Fowles, Minnesot.11.9 
 2. Cambage, Dallas W.9.7 
 3. Breland, Atlanta D.8.3 
 4. Stewart, Seatt.8.1 
 5. Parker, L.Angele.8.1 
 6. Wilson, Las V.8.0 
 7. Thomas, Connecti.7.9 
 8. Bonner, Phoenix M.7.9 
 9. Griner, Phoenix M.7.8 
 10. Delle-Donne, Washingt.7.7 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 8.6
 1. Vandersloot, Chica.8.6 
 2. Bird, Seattle S.7.0 
 3. Diggins, Dallas W.6.2 
 4. Taurasi, Phoen.5.4 
 5. Boyd, New York L.5.3 
 6. Gray, L.Angeles S.5.1 
 7. Thomas, Connecti.4.7 
 8. Parker, L.Angele.4.6 
 9. Cloud, Washingt.4.5 
 10. Toliver, Washingt.4.4 
Steals Per Game
  Avg: 1.7
 1. Moore, Minnesot.1.7 
 2. Ogwumike, L.Angele.1.6 
 3. Williams, Chicago S.1.6 
 4. Beard, L.Angeles S.1.5 
 5. Diggins, Dallas W.1.4 
 6. Fowles, Minnesot.1.4 
 7. Bentley, Connecti.1.3 
 8. Bonner, Phoenix M.1.3 
 9. Stewart, Seatt.1.3 
 10. Parker, L.Angele.1.3 
Blocks Per Game
 Brittney GRINER
  Phoenix M.
  Avg: 2.5
 1. Griner, Phoenix M.2.5 
 2. Breland, Atlanta D.2.0 
 3. Howard, Seattle S.1.9 
 4. Williams, Atlanta D.1.7 
 5. Cambage, Dallas W.1.7 
 6. Wilson, Las V.1.6 
 7. Sanders, Washingt.1.5 
 8. Stewart, Seatt.1.3 
 9. Delle-Donne, Washingt.1.3 
 10. Jones, Connecti.1.2 

First Round Schedule
L.Angeles S May.26 Las Vegas Ac
Phoenix M. May.25 Seattle S.
Wash.M. May.25 Conn.S.
Chicago S. May.25 Minn.L.
Dallas W. May.24 Atlanta D.
Indiana F. May.24 New York L.
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European Awards 2018 - Women Basketball - Jan 1, 2019

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Traditionally each year Eurobasket announces the European awards for last year.

Eurobasket has a network of almost 200 correspondents, while most of them are located in Europe and participated in preparing the ranking below.

We have the policy of not involving the fans as it may influence the final ranking and instead of that we rely on the opinions of experts.

The votes were made in two categories: All-Europe and All-Europeans.
All-Europe ranking applies to the players, who played in European leagues in last (17-18) and this (18-19) season, so it may apply also to non-European players, who played as imports in Europe.
All-Europeans category applies only to Europeans, but also these, who played overseas (mostly in WNBA).

Kayla McBride (180-G-92) of UMMC Ekaterinburg was named All-Europe Player of the Year 2018. American superstar had a great year when she led Turkish Yakin Dogu to Euroleague Final Four and was voted All-Euroleague Guard and Import of the Year. After summer campaign in the WNBA (Las Vegas Aces) she moved to Russia and UMMC Ekaterinburg.

Russian team from Ekaterinburg has more awarded players as Courtney Vandersloot (173-PG-89) was selected as best Point Guard of the Year for the second straight year. Last season she was the best player in Turkish League winning Season and Finals MVP, she was also a part of All-Euroleague 1st Team. Great year behind, more to come in 2019!

The Serbian ace Sonja Petrovic (189-F-89) of Dynamo Kursk is 2018 Europe's Best Small Forward. It is her 4th such award in a row! All-Euroleague Player of the Year decided to stay one more year with Dynamo Kursk and is still proving she belongs to top Europe players.

Despite playing just 14 games in Europe this year Breanna Stewart (193-F-94) was named Best Power Forward of 2018. She spent last season in China, during his WNBA season she won the title and Finals MVP Award. She was also a part of golden USA National team at World Championships in Tenerife where she also got MVP award! A spectacular year for Breanna!

Jantel Lavender (191-C-88) of Famila Wuber Schio was the best Center in Europe last year. She led 17/18 Euroleague season in rebounds as a member of Turkish Yakin Dogu. This year she is once again one of the top players on the continent.

In the 2nd team we Olivia Epoupa (165-PG-94) of Besiktas CT Istanbul, Alina Iagupova (186-G/F-92) of Cukurova Basketbol Mersin, Gintare Petronyte (196-C/F-89), Emma Meesseman (192-C-93) of UMMC Ekaterinburg and Brittney Griner (203-C-90).

Roberto Iniguez of Sopron Basket was named Coach of the Year 2018! The Spanish coach led Sopron Basket to their best Euroleague campaign ever, as the Hungarian team finished second at the Final Four at home tournament. All-Europeans Player of the Year 2018 is Emma Meesseman. The 17/18 EuroLeague Women Final Four MVP is another player from Russian powerhouse UMMC awarded by our website. In summer she shined at World Championships in Tenerife (Spain) where she was selected to All-World Cup 1st Team.

Olivia Epoupa - All-Europeans Point Guard of the Year. French player had a great year in Turkey where she spent last season (Galatasaray) and is having another great one as a member of Besiktas. She also had a solid World Championships in Tenerife (Spain) where she had 5.0ppg, 4.4apg and 1.4spg.

Alba Torrens (188-G/F-89) of UMMC Ekaterinburg was selected by our correspondents the Best Shooting Guard of the Year 2018. It is her already 7th nomination to All-Europeans 1st Team! Additionally she was named All-Europe and All-European Player of the Year 2017.

Ukrainian Alina Iagupova was named Best Small Forward of the Year. One of the top scorers in Europe this season is a leader of Cukurova team which is still undefeated this season (6-0 in Eurocup and 12-0 in Turkish League).

On the second forward position we have Sonja Petrovic.

Emma Meesseman has no competition last year and was unanimously named All-Europeans Center of the Year.

In 2nd team we have Isil Alben (170-G-86), Marta Xargay Casademont (181-PG-90), Jelena Dubljevic (191-C-87), Anete Steinberga (190-C-90) and Amanda Zahui (196-C-93).

All-Europe - only players, who played in Europe in 2018 (both domestic and imports) All-Europe 1st Team
Courtney Vandersloot
Kayla McBride
Sonja Petrovic
Breanna Stewart
Jantel Lavender
Lavender All-Europe Player of the Year: Russia Kayla McBride (180-G-92) All-Europe Point Guard of the Year: Russia Courtney Vandersloot (173-PG-89) All-Europe Shooting Guard of the Year: Russia Kayla McBride (180-G-92) All-Europe Small Forward of the Year: Russia Sonja Petrovic (189-F-89) All-Europe Power Forward of the Year: Russia Breanna Stewart (193-F-94) All-Europe Center of the Year: Russia Jantel Lavender (191-C-88) All-Europe Coach of the Year: Russia Roberto Iniguez All-Europe 1st Team:
Russia Courtney Vandersloot (173-PG-89)
Russia Kayla McBride (180-G-92)
Russia Sonja Petrovic (189-F-89)
Russia Breanna Stewart (193-F-94)
Russia Jantel Lavender (191-C-88) All-Europe 2nd Team:
Russia Olivia Epoupa (165-PG-94)
Russia Alina Iagupova (186-G/F-92)
Russia Gintare Petronyte (196-C/F-89)
Russia Emma Meesseman (192-C-93)
Russia Brittney Griner (203-C-90) All-Europe Honorable Mention:
Russia Anete Steinberga (190-C-90)
Russia Jelena Dubljevic (191-C-87)
Russia Marica Gajic (187-F/C-95)
Russia Amanda Zahui (196-C-93)
Russia Anastasiya Veremeenko (194-C-87)
Russia Astou Ndour (198-C-94)
Russia Kim Mestdagh (179-SG-90)
Russia Alba Torrens (188-G/F-89)
Russia Isil Alben (170-G-86)
Russia Evanthia Maltsi (180-SG-78)

All-Europeans - only Europeans, including these, who played in Europe or overseas in 2018 All-European 1st Team
Olivia Epoupa
Alba Torrens
Alina Iagupova
Sonja Petrovic
Emma Meesseman
Meesseman All-Europeans Player of the Year: Russia Emma Meesseman (192-C-93) All-Europeans Point Guard of the Year: Russia Olivia Epoupa (165-PG-94) All-Europeans Shooting Guard of the Year: Russia Alba Torrens (188-G/F-89) All-Europeans Small Forward of the Year: Russia Alina Iagupova (186-G/F-92) All-Europeans Power Forward of the Year: Russia Sonja Petrovic (189-F-89) All-Europeans Center of the Year: Russia Emma Meesseman (192-C-93) All-Europeans 1st Team:
Russia Olivia Epoupa (165-PG-94)
Russia Alba Torrens (188-G/F-89)
Russia Alina Iagupova (186-G/F-92)
Russia Sonja Petrovic (189-F-89)
Russia Emma Meesseman (192-C-93) All-Europeans 2nd Team:
Russia Isil Alben ‎ (170-G-86)
Russia Marta Xargay Casademont (181-PG-90)
Russia Jelena Dubljevic (191-C-87)
Russia Anete Steinberga (190-C-90)
Russia Amanda Zahui (196-C-93) All-Europeans Honorable Mention:
Russia Sandrine Gruda (193-C-87)
Russia Marica Gajic (187-F/C-95)
Russia Gintare Petronyte (196-C/F-89)
Russia Anastasiya Veremeenko (194-C-87)
Russia Astou Ndour (198-C-94)
Russia Kim Mestdagh (179-SG-90)
Russia Evanthia Maltsi (180-SG-78)
Russia Isabelle Yacoubou (190-C-86)   

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