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NBL Canada Standings
 1. Windsor Exp. 40-17 
 2. Brampton As 29-16 
 3. The Island S. 32-25 
 4. London L. 29-23 
 5. St.John M.R. 24-20 
 6. Ottawa S. 21-20 
 7. Moncton M. 15-29 
 8. Halifax R. 16-34 
 9. Mississauga P. 11-33 
Points Per Game
  St.John .
  Avg: 24.4
 1. Anderson, St.John24.4 
 2. Bonneau, Windsor22.6 
 3. Ballard, The I.21.6 
 4. Mayhane, Monct.20.9 
 5. Okorie, The I.19.2 
 6. Williams, Halifax18.7 
 7. Williamson, London18.1 
 8. Anderson, Rochest.18.1 
 9. Commons, Windsor17.7 
 10. Lathan, Tijuana17.6 
Rebounds Per Game
  Halifax R.
  Avg: 10.7
 1. Parham, Halifax R.10.7 
 2. Phillips, Rouen10.0 
 3. Ballard, The I.9.9 
 4. Crookshank, St.Joh.8.7 
 5. Anderson, Rochest.8.7 
 6. Mims, London L.8.3 
 7. Robinson, Monct.8.1 
 8. Lewis, Mississauga7.6 
 9. Addison, Halifax R.7.5 
 10. Johnson, London7.3 
Assists Per Game
  Avg: 9.9
 1. Clinkscales, Halif.9.9 
 2. Duncan, Windsor8.9 
 3. Cooley, Halifax R.6.4 
 4. Bennett, London L.6.0 
 5. Moss, The I.6.0 
 6. Johnson, Mississa.5.9 
 7. Crouch, Rocheste.5.8 
 8. Anderson, St.John5.6 
 9. Stewart, The I.5.6 
 10. McNally, Monct.5.6 
Steals Per Game
  Halifax R.
  Avg: 2.8
 1. Cooley, Halifax R.2.8 
 2. Stewart, The I.2.1 
 3. Clinkscales, Halif.1.8 
 4. Plummer, Mississa.1.8 
 5. Bennett, London L.1.7 
 6. Anderson, Rochest.1.7 
 7. Herring Jr., Roche.1.7 
 8. Duncan, Windsor1.7 
 9. Mayhane, Monct.1.5 
 10. Bonneau, Windsor1.5 
Blocks Per Game
  Avg: 1.5
 1. Johnson, Brampton.1.5 
 2. Commons, Windsor1.4 
 3. Sturdivant, Ottawa1.3 
 4. Goode, Windsor1.3 
 5. George, Coamo1.2 
 6. Parham, Halifax R.1.1 
 7. Mims, London L.1.1 
 8. Williams, The I.1.0 
 9. Loiselle, Windsor1.0 
 10. Phillips, Rouen0.9 
Season 2013-2014
All Games
List of Players
List of Imports

Windsor Express wins the NBLCanada title (Photo:

Windsor Express 2013-14
Bill Jones Bill Jones Jones
Quinnel Brown
DeAndre Thomas
Chris Commons
Darren Duncan
Stefan Bonneau
# Name CM (INCH) Pos Bo NAT
15  Brown Quinnel 198 (6'6'') PF 83 USA
2  Thomas DeAndre 203 (6'8'') C 86 USA
24  Commons Chris 206 (6'9'') F 84 USA
12  Duncan Darren 182 (6'0'') PG 88 USA
5  Bonneau Stefan 177 (5'10'') PG 87 USA
44  Goode George 205 (6'9'') F 88 USA
10  Loiselle Kevin 198 (6'6'') F Canada
14  Buckley Dominique 188 (6'2'') G 89 USA
33  Parker Eric 203 (6'8'') F/C 84 USA
11  Oppong Papa 193 (6'4'') G 87 Ghana Canada
32  Wells R.J 193 (6'4'') G/F 87 Canada
Head Coach: Bill Jones
Coach Assistant: Scott Newman
Coach Assistant: Gerry Brumpton
Coach Assistant: Lexa Page
Coach Assistant: Aaron McDonald All-NBL Canada Awards 2014 - Apr 20, 2014 All-NBL Canada 1st Team 2014
Anthony Anderson
Stefan Bonneau
Cedric Moodie
Garrett Williamson
Antonio Ballard

Finals MVP: Stefan Bonneau (5'10''-PG-87) of Windsor Exp.
Player of the Year: Anthony Anderson (5'11''-PG-81) of St.John M.R.
Guard of the Year: Stefan Bonneau (5'10''-PG-87) of Windsor Exp.
Forward of the Year: Antonio Ballard (6'4''-G/F-88) of The Island S.
Center of the Year: Tim Parham (6'9''-F/C-83) of Halifax R.
Rookie of the Year: Raven Barber (6'9''-F/C) of Halifax R.
Defensive Player of the Year: Cavell Johnson (6'8''-F-85) of Brampton A's
Domestic Player of the Year: Garrett Williamson (6'5''-G-88) of London L.
Sixt Man of the Year: Kirk Williams (6'7''-F) of Mississauga P.
Newcomer of the Year: Justin Tubbs (190-G-87) of Rouen
Coach of the Year: Bill Jones of Windsor Exp.

1st Team
PG: Anthony Anderson (5'11''-PG-81) of St.John M.R.
PG: Stefan Bonneau (5'10''-PG-87) of Windsor Exp.
SG: Cedric Moodie (6'2''-SG-78) of Brampton A's
G: Garrett Williamson (6'5''-G-88) of London L.
G/F: Antonio Ballard (6'4''-G/F-88) of The Island S.

2nd Team
G: Ryan Anderson (6'4''-G-87) of Rochester R.
SG: Morgan Lewis (6'4''-SG-87) of Mississauga P.
F: Chris Commons (6'9''-F-84) of Windsor Exp.
F/C: Tim Parham (6'9''-F/C-83) of Halifax R.
F: Cavell Johnson (6'8''-F-85) of Brampton A's

3rd Team
PG: Darren Duncan (5'11''-PG-88) of Windsor Exp.
PG: Nick Okorie (6'1''-PG-88) of The Island S.
G/F: Johnny Mayhane (6'5''-G/F-86) of Moncton M.
F: Jermaine Johnson (6'7''-F-85) of London L.
G/F: Jason Williams (6'6''-G/F-83) of Halifax R.

Honorable Mention
Marvin Phillips (201-PF-83) of Rouen
Dwayne Lathan (6'3''-G-89) of Rio Grande VV
Justin Tubbs (190-G-87) of Rouen
Doug Herring Jr. (6'3''-G) of Rochester R.
Stanley Robinson (6'9''-F-88) of Moncton M.
JuJuan Cooley (5'9''-PG-82) of Halifax R.
Adrian Moss (5'9''-PG-88) of The Island S.
Quinnel Brown (6'6''-PF-83) of Windsor Exp.
William Harris (6'7''-F-88) of Mississauga P.
Tony Bennett (6'1''-G-84) of London L.
Tyrone Levett (6'5''-SF-80) of St.John M.R.
Elvin Mims (6'5''-F-79) of London L.

All-Defensive Team
F: Cavell Johnson (6'8''-F-85) of Brampton A's
PG: JuJuan Cooley (5'9''-PG-82) of Halifax R.
G: Trayvon Lathan (201-G-84) of Tijuana
F: Elvin Mims (6'5''-F-79) of London L.
F: Fred Sturdivant (6'7''-F-91) of Ottawa S.

All-Rookie Team
F/C: Raven Barber (6'9''-F/C) of Halifax R.
G: Jameson Tipping (6'7''-G) of Brampton A's
F: Thijin Moses (6'7''-F-87) of Mississauga P.
G: Scottie Haralson (6'4''-G-90) of Brampton A's
F: Fred Sturdivant (6'7''-F-91) of Ottawa S.

All-Domestic Players Team
PG: Alex Johnson (5'10''-PG-88) of Mississauga P.
G: Garrett Williamson (6'5''-G-88) of London L.
F: Kevin Loiselle (6'6''-F) of Windsor Exp.
F/G: Olumuyiwa Famutimi (6'6''-F/G-84) of Halifax R.

All-Tournament Team
PG: Darren Duncan (5'11''-PG-88) of Windsor Exp.
PG: Stefan Bonneau (5'10''-PG-87) of Windsor Exp.
PG: Nick Okorie (6'1''-PG-88) of The Island S.
F: Elvin Mims (6'5''-F-79) of London L.
G/F: Jason Williams (6'6''-G/F-83) of Halifax R.

Express defeats Island Storm for NBL championship - Apr 18, 2014

The Windsor Express are the National Basketball League of Canada champions. Windsor defeated the Island Storm 121-106 in front of an announced crowd of 3,470 Thursday in Windsor, Ont. They erased a 3-1 series deficit to capture the title. It is the second year in a row the Storm has lost the league final. "Its tough to swallow, said Storm head coach Joe Salerno . Youre up 3-1 in the series, youre in total control. Once we didnt get Game 5 on the Island, having to come back here for (games) 6 and 7, I knew it would be very difficult and it was. Windsor started Thursdays game on a 9-0 run. The Storm got back into the game and had cut the lead to six early in the second quarter before the host team went on a 16-0 run to take a 51-29 lead. The Express went to the break with a 64-41 lead and held a 94-63 advantage heading to the fourth quarter. Finals MVP Stefan Bonneau (5'10''-PG-87, college: LIU Post) led the way for the Express with 32 points while Chris Commons (6'9''-F-84, college: USC Aiken) had 20 and Quinnel Brown (6'6''-PF-83, college: Auburn) 19. Darren Duncan (5'11''-PG-88, college: Merrimack) had 13 points, 16 assists and 11 rebounds. "Stef Bonneau was virtually unguardable tonight in the first half, Salerno said. "He just hit tough shot after tough shot. The Storm was led by Nick Okorie (6'1''-PG-88, college: Texas Tech)'s 30 points and eight assists. Charlottetown's Doug McKinney (6'9''-F/C-84) had 18 points late in the game on 7-for-8 shooting, including 4-for-4 from behind the three-point line. Antonio Ballard (6'4''-G/F-88, college: Miami, OH) added 14 points and nine rebounds. Salerno creditted the Express for earning the title. They were outstanding, he said. They certainly deserved to win this championship. Salerno said his message to his players after the game was about how they brought a high levle of basketball to P.E.I. this year. Its a great group of guys and I couldnt be prouder of them." His other big message when talking to The Guardian was for the Storm's fans. The support weve had from the fans on the Island, on social media, on Twitter and Facebook, has been overwhelming. Its been so outstanding and Im just very proud to be part of this organization," Salerno said. We really wish we could have got this done for the fans on the Island and hopefully maybe next year we will.
Courtesy of:

Antonio Ballard leads Atlantic to All-Star Game victory - Apr 21, 2014

Atlantic - Central 170:165

Atlantic Division selection celebrated victory in the annual NBLC All-Star Game. The event was held at Charlottetown. Antonio Ballard (6'4''-G/F-88, college: Miami, OH) unleashed 39 points and grabbed 10 rebounds to pace the winners. He was named the MVP after the game.
The Atlantic Division selection grabbed an 81:78 halftime lead. The Central Division team pulled ahead in the fourth frame but not for long. Their opponents picked up the tempo in the final seconds and sealed the winning outcome. Johnny Mayhane (6'5''-G/F-86, college: Tulane) produced 27 points and 9 assists, while Nick Okorie (6'1''-PG-88, college: Texas Tech) added 22 points for the winners. Chris Commons (6'9''-F-84, college: USC Aiken) answered with 25 points for the Central Division selection. Stefan Bonneau (5'10''-PG-87, college: LIU Post) contributed 24 points and 7 assists in the losing effort.
Ryan Anderson (6'4''-G-87, college: Nebraska) won the Three Point Shootout Contest. He overcame Cedric Moodie (6'2''-SG-78, college: Indianapolis) in the Final round. Cavell Johnson (6'8''-F-85, college: UMBC) celebrated the Slam Dunk Contest title. He prevailed against the defending champion Stefan Bonneau in the final round.

Atlantic: Antonio Ballard 39+10 boards, Johnny Mayhane 27, Nick Okorie 22
Central: Chris Commons 25, Stefan Bonneau 24

by Igor
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