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Players/Coaches Movement in NBLCanada in summer 2018
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Updated on: December 13, 2018


Players Joined
 Jabari Craig  (208-F/C-95)
 Olumuyiwa Famutimi  Nigerian Canadian (198-F/G-84)  from Al Kahraba (Iraq)  
 Tanner Giddings  USA (208-F-94)  from Vaerlose (Denmark)  
 Chris Johnson  (196-G/F-88)  from Island S. (Canada)  
 Kenny Jones  USA (198-PF-84)  from Hindu (Argentina)  
 Christian Kabongo  (193-G)  from London L. (Canada)  
 Bruce Massey  USA (190-G-90)  from Culiacan (Mexico)  
 O'Louis McCullough  USA (198-G/F-82)  from Guasave (Mexico)  
 Joel Ndondo  DR Congolese Canadian (203-C-93)  from St.John R. (Canada)  
 Aaron Redpath  Jamaican Canadian (193-G-92)  from St.John R. (Canada)  
 Justin Taylor  (191-G-85)  from Louisville D. (UBA)  
 George Williams  Nigerian USA (198-SG-90)  from Libertadores (Mexico)  
 Ta'Quan Zimmerman  USA (187-G-91)  from Halifax H. (Canada)  
Players Stayed
 Jamal Reynolds  Jamaican Canadian (193-G-94)
Free Agents
 Malik Story  USA (196-F/G-90)
 Antonio Biglow  USA (183-PG-89)
 Kyle Desmarais  (188-G-87)
 Luther Head  USA (191-G-82)
 Lindsey Hunter IV  USA (178-PG)
 Joey Miller  USA (190-G-92)
 John Sylliboy
Coaches Joined
 Bernardo Fitz-Gonzalez  from Caciques (Colombia)  

Players Joined
 David Andoh  (201-F-93)  from Liberty (NCAA)  
 Malcolm Duvivier  (190-G-95)
 Kedar Edwards  USA Guyanese (196-F-93)  from Caneros Del Este (Dominican Rep.)  
 Devonte Elliott  USA (208-F/C-91)  from Apollon (Cyprus)  
 Gabe Freeman  USA (198-F-85)  from St.John's E. (Canada)  
 Karamo Jawara  Norwegian (203-F-91)  from Germani BR (Italy)  
 Joel Kindred  (193-G-91)  from Raleigh 919 (The Basketball Tournament)  
 Hernst Laroche  Haitian Canadian (190-G-89)  from Hispano Am. (Argentina)  
 Meshack Lufile  (203-F-92)  from Island S. (Canada)  
 Langston Morris-Walker  (196-G/F-94)  from Portland TB (NBA)  
 Robinson Odoch  Ugandan (190-G/F-89)  from Avila (Spain)  
 Mike Poole  (196-F-92)  from Team Fancy (The Basketball Tournament)  
 Aaron Ross  USA (203-F-92)  from Frankston B. (Australia)  
 Jahmel Taylor  (185-G-94)
 Jordan Washington  USA (203-F-93)  from Cretan Kings (Greece)  
Players Stayed
 Rhamel Brown  USA (201-F-92)
 Tyrone Watson  (196-PF-90)
 Clifford Clinkscales  USA (183-PG-84)
Free Agents
 Malik Boothe  USA (185-G-89)
 Denny McDonald  Jamaican Canadian (198-F)
 Josiah Moore  (197-F-92)
 Theon Reefer  (198-G)
 Brian Rouse  (193-SG-92)
 C.J. Washington  USA (203-F-92)

Players Joined
 Kyle Arseneault  (196-F)  from KW Titans (Canada)  
 Tirrell Baines  USA (198-F-86)  from Moncton M. (Canada)  
 Russell Byrd  USA (201-G-92)  from St.John's E. (Canada)  
 Alex Campbell  (188-G-93)  from Prat (Spain)  
 Sampson Carter  (203-F-90)  from Santa Cruz (Eurobasket S.League)  
 Marquis Clayton  (175-PG)  from Moncton M. (Canada)  
 Daniel Gordon  (188-G)
 Robbie Robinson  USA (196-G/F)  from Correcaminos (Mexico)  
 Dominic Shuler  (198-F)  from Nevada DD (NAPB)  
 Jarrell Tate  (193-G)  from E.Los Angeles JC (JUCO)  
 Tyree White  (193-G/F)  from Hostos CC (JUCO)  
 Rahim Williams  (198-G)
Players Stayed
 Tyler Scott  (190-G)
 Bradley States  (198-F)
Free Agents
 Chris Anderson  USA (198-F-92)
 Jarion Henry  USA (208-F-93)
 Trenity Burdine  USA (198-F-91)
 Dut Dut  (198-F)
 Andre Stringer  USA (178-PG-91)
 Zachary Valliere  USA (208-C-90)
Coaches Joined
 Patrick Havard  from Moncton M. (Canada)  
 Lonnie States  from UPEI (Canada)  

Players Joined
 Akeem Ellis  USA (198-G-90)  from Island S. (Canada)  
 Joel Friesen  (193-G-90)  from London L. (Canada)  
 Damon Lynn  (180-PG-95)  from Texas L. (NBA G League)  
 John Murry  (193-G-95)  from Minnesota (Eurobasket S.League)  
 Ashton Smith  (187-G-89)  from London L. (Canada)  
 Flenard Whitfield  USA (201-F-90)  from Kauhajoki (Finland)  
Players Stayed
 Derek Hall  USA Hungarian (211-C/F-90)
 Ed Horton  USA (186-PG-85)
 Denzel James  (191-F)
 Nigel Johnson-Tyghter  Jamaican Canadian (204-F-86)
 Greg Morrow  (190-F)
 Tramar Sutherland  (190-G-89)
 Tramique Sutherland  (183-PG-93)
Free Agents
 Anthony Myles  USA (196-G-92)
 Dominic Phillips  USA (180-PG)
 Darren Duncan  USA (182-PG-88)

  LONDON LIGHTNING  (Champion)  
Players Joined
 Marcus Capers  (193-G-89)  from Tampa 20/20 (The Basketball Tournament)  
 Anthony Gaines  (193-G/F-93)  from Nevada DD (NAPB)  
 Jalen Kendrick  (201-G/F-91)  from Nevada DD (NAPB)  
 Xavier Moon  (188-G-95)  from Atlanta Dirty South (The Basketball Tournament)  
 Patrick O'Bryant  Central African USA (213-C-86)  from Always a Brave (The Basketball Tournament)  
 Marvin Phillips  USA (201-F-83)  from Argentino (Argentina)  
 Kevin Thomas  (203-F-92)  from Rhoendorf (Germany)  
 Marvell Waithe  (205-F-87)  from Moncton M. (Canada)  
 Kevin Ware  USA (188-G-93)  from Ifestos (Greece)  
Players Stayed
 Maurice Bolden  USA (208-G/F-89)
 Martin Dixon-Green  (190-G)
 Kirk Williams  USA (200-PF-81)
 Garrett Williamson  USA Canadian (196-G-88)
Free Agents
 Yohanny Dalembert  Haitian Canadian (203-F)

Players Joined
 Jahii Carson  USA (178-PG-92)  from Koroivos (Greece)  
 Nicholas Evans  USA (210-C-88)  from Guerreros (Ecuador)  
 Doug Herring Jr.  USA (191-G-87)  from London L. (Canada)  
 Cordell Jeanty  (196-F-79)  from Cape Breton H. (Canada)  
 Zeke Marshall  (213-C-90)  from Ram Nation (The Basketball Tournament)  
 Wayne McCullough  (196-F-94)  from NAZ Suns (NBA G League)  
 Chad Posthumus  (211-C-91)  from Illinois BC (The Basketball Tournament)  
 Antwan Space  USA (206-F/C-93)  from Osorno (Chile)  
 Isaiah Tate  USA (192-G-89)  from Aquimisa LZ (Spain)  
 Gentrey Thomas  (193-G)  from Snow CC (JUCO)  
 Billy White  (203-F-89)  from CitiTeam Blazers (The Basketball Tournament)  
Players Stayed
 Corey Allmond  USA (188-G-88)
 Denzell Taylor  (201-F-94)
Free Agents
 Jason Calliste  Jamaican Canadian (188-G-90)
 Anthony Anderson  USA (180-PG-81)
 Anthony Cox  USA (206-C-83)
 Kevin Farrell-Thomas  (203-F-93)
 Brent Jennings  USA (193-G-88)
 Al Stewart  USA (178-PG-83)
 Timothy Mitchell  USA (206-C-90)

Players Joined
 Brent Arrington  (190-G-92)  from Illinois BC (The Basketball Tournament)  
 Frank Bartley IV  (190-G-94)
 Daniel Dingle  (201-G/F-94)  from Maine RC (NBA G League)  
 Renaldo Dixon  (206-C-90)  from Moncton M. (Canada)  
 Chris Early  USA (200-F-88)  from HAB Sonics (Turks and Caicos)  
 Andrew Holmes  (185-G)  from McMaster (Canada)  
 Darnell Landon  (188-G)  from Lake Region CC (JUCO)  
 Brian Oliver  (201-F-90)  from Tim Thomas P. (The Basketball Tournament)  
 Kemy Osse  (185-PG-93)  from Island S. (Canada)  
 Randy Phillips  (203-C-95)
 Walter Pitchford  USA (208-F-92)  from Sudbury F. (Canada)  
Players Stayed
 Marvin Binney  (190-PG-90)
 Jeremiah Mordi  Nigerian (193-G)
Free Agents
 Brandon Bowdry  USA (200-G/F-88)
 Kenneth Otieno  Kenyan Canadian (188-G-91)
 Darin Mency  USA (188-G-89)

Players Joined
 Guillaume Boucard  (197-F-90)  from Usti n/Labem (Czech Rep.)  
 Todd Brown  (196-F-87)  from Mid-American U. (The Basketball Tournament)  
 Junior Cadougan  Jamaican Canadian (187-G-90)  from London L. (Canada)  
 Glen Davis  USA (206-F-86)  from Zadar (Croatia)  
 Maurice Jones  USA (170-G-91)  from Windsor Exp. (Canada)  
 Diego Kapelan  Bosnia and Herzegovina Canadian (190-G-87)  from Siauliai (Lithuania)  
 Desmond Lee  USA (193-G-90)  from ABC (Ecuador)  
 Chadrack Lufile  DR Congolese Canadian (206-F-90)  from Puerto Montt (Chile)  
 Satnam Singh  Indian (218-C-95)  from Texas L. (NBA G League)  
 Jarryn Skeete  (190-G-93)  from Windsor Exp. (Canada)  
 Keith Wright  (203-F-89)  from Talladega Knights (The Basketball Tournament)  
 Kevin Zabo  DR Congolese Canadian (188-G-95)
Players Stayed
 Carl English  (195-G-81)
Free Agents
 Ransford Brempong  (203-C/F-81)
 Xavier Ford  USA (201-F-93)
 Vasilije Curcic  Serbian (206-F)

  SUDBURY FIVE  (Promoted)  
Players Joined
 Jaylen Bland  (190-G-93)  from The Cheaters (The Basketball Tournament)  
 Adam Blazek  USA (185-PG-92)  from Rustavi (Georgia)  
 Antoine Chandler  (178-PG-92)  from Windsor Exp. (Canada)  
 Cory Dixon  (201-F-90)  from Louisiana United (The Basketball Tournament)  
 Devin Gilligan  USA (196-F-93)  from Nassjo (Sweden)  
 Grandy Glaze  (204-F-92)  from St.John's E. (Canada)  
 Braylon Rayson  USA (175-PG-94)  from Windsor Exp. (Canada)  
 Travis Releford  USA (198-SG-90)  from AEK Larnaca (Cyprus)  
 Georges Serresse  (191-G/F-90)  from KW Titans (Canada)  
 Tyrrel Tate  (196-F-92)  from Texas L. (NBA G League)  

Players Joined
 Brian Addison  USA (205-C-87)  from St.John R. (Canada)  
 Richard Amardi  (206-F-90)  from London L. (Canada)  
 Martin Anderson  (193-G)  from W.Coast Ronin (The Basketball Tournament)  
 Ryan Anderson  USA (193-G-87)  from London L. (Canada)  
 Luke Cochran  (208-C)  from Nevada DD (NAPB)  
 Daniel Dooley  (185-G)
 Angelo Griffis  USA (196-G-92)  from Nassjo (Sweden)  
 Reggie Hamilton  USA (182-PG-89)  from Titanes Licey (Dominican Rep.)  
 Jody Hill  (188-G-91)  from Kentucky T. (NAPB)  
 Miroslav Jaksic  Serbian (211-C-95)
 Marcus Jones  (188-G)
 Montrell Little  (196-F)
 Charles Mann  (198-G-94)  from ATL All-Stars (The Basketball Tournament)  
 Juan Patillo  USA (203-F-88)  from Moncton M. (Canada)  
 DeAndre Thomas  (203-C-86)  from The Region (The Basketball Tournament)  
 Horace Wormely  USA Colombian (168-PG-84)  from St.John R. (Canada)  
Players Stayed
 Anthony Ottley  (198-F-91)
Free Agents
 Sefton Barrett  (196-SF-83)
 Clayton Crellin  (193-F)
 Kevin Loiselle  (198-F-88)
 Omar Strong  USA (175-PG-90)
 Shayne Stumpf  (206-F)
 Michael Acheampong  Ghanian Canadian
 Trae Anderson  USA (196-SF)
 Mike Lucier  (201-F-92)
 Logan Stutz  USA (205-F-88)
 Eric Parker  USA (203-F/C-84)

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