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Gianni Pascucci

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ABA Standings 2008-09
 1. LA Slam 5-9 
 2. Empire 5 Linx 3-4 
 3. TH T.Blazers 1-2 
 4. Tri-City Racers 0-2 
 5. Empire Rage 0-8 
Northeast Div.
 1. Cleveland R. 22-4 
 2. S.Chicago BS 14-4 
 3. Jersey Expr. 13-8 
 4. W. Virginia B. 11-14 
 5. New York I. 3-7 
 6. N.Y. Thunder 1-0 
 7. Aurora Force 1-4 
 8. W.Virginia W. 0-2 
 9. Detroit Hoops 0-6 
Northwest Div.
 1. Maywood B. 18-3 
 2. Beijing O. 14-6 
 3. LA Push 7-6 
 4. S.Francisco R. 7-7 
 5. Salt Lake S. 1-0 
 6. Washington R. 1-1 
 7. Modesto B. 1-6 
 8. Sacramento 0-1 
Southeast Div.
 1. Kentucky B. 13-2 
 2. Kansas City 7-3 
 3. Nashville B. 6-5 
 4. Knoxville T. 5-5 
 5. Atlanta V. 1-5 
 6. Bahama PS 0-4 
 7. Georgia G. 0-9 
Southwest Div.
 1. Texas M. 24-1 
 2. Las Vegas A. 8-2 
 3. South Texas 8-7 
 4. Houston T. 7-10 
 5. W.Texas W. 4-3 
 6. Mississippi B. 4-8 
 7. Arizona R. 3-5 
 8. Fury 2-3 
 9. Texas City R. 2-12 
 10. Gallup T. 0-3 

Kentucky Bisons 2008-09
Otis Key Otis Key Key
Boris Siakam
LaMar Owen
Michael James
Jamie Jackson
Kenny Jones
21 Siakam Boris 6'7'' (201) F 85 Cameroonian
2 Owen LaMar 6'5'' (195) F 83 USA
3 James Michael 5'9'' (175) G 85 USA
32 Jackson Jamie 6'5'' (196) F 86 USA
12 Jones Kenny 6'6'' (198) F 84 USA
5 White Aubrey 6'3'' (191) G 85 USA
15 Wells Mike 6'3'' (190) G 79 USA
10 Washington Darryl 6'2'' (188) G 85 USA
9 Morris Micheal 6'4'' (193) G 84 USA
1 Stockton Brandon 5'9'' (176) G 84 USA
  Wilborn Elgrace 6'8'' (203) F 83 USA
30 Dickerson Teco 6'2'' (188) G 82 USA
8 Robinson Derek 6'2'' (187) G 80 USA
6 Avant Jamar 6'9'' (206) F/C   USA
4 McPherson Jason 6'2'' (188) G 84 USA
Head Coach: Key Otis
Hollis Quentin
Holland Kalin

ABA names Season All-Star Teams and Special Awards

1st Team All-ABA 2008-09

The American Basketball Association today announced its All Star Teams and Special awards for the 2008-2009 season. 'Choosing these players was not easy,' stated Joe Newman , ABA CEO, 'but thanks to the help of some very knowledgeable people led by SETX Mustang Head Coach Steve Tucker , I think we were able to come up with the right selections. We have enormous talent in the ABA - we believe our best players are the best players outside of the NBA and hope to prove that shortly.'

G - Tim Pledger (5'9''-G-76) of Southeast Texas Mustangs
G - Desmond Cambridge (6'0''-G-79) of Nashville Broncs
F - Boris Siakam (6'7''-F-85) of Kentucky Bisons F - DeRon Rutledge (6'6''-F-75) of Southeast Texas Mustangs
C - Silvester Simple (6'8''-F/C-81) of Texas City Rangers

G - Wesley Stokes (6'0''-G-82, college: San Diego St.) - Maywood Buzz
G - Anthony Lumpkin (6'1''-G-78, college: SW Oklahoma St.) - Southeast Texas Mustangs
F - Scott Williams (6'2''-G, college: Carson-Newman) - Knoxville Thunderbolts
F - Isaac Burton (6'3''-G-73, agency: Globalsports/Globalevents, college: Arizona St.) - Maywood Buzz
C - Gordon Chase (6'2''-F-86, college: Georgetown, KY) - Knoxville Thunderbolts

G - Isaiah Hunter (6'2''-G-84, college: ODU) - Jersey Express
G - Eric Smith (6'1''-G-83, college: Campbell) - Chicago Steam
G - Derek Foster (6'0''-G-81, college: Cal-Santa Cruz) - San Francisco Rumble
F - Kenny Jones (6'6''-F-84, college: Kentucky St.) - Kentucky Bisons
C - Zhang Songtao (7'0''-C-85) - Beijing Olympian

F - Lou Kelly (6'5''-G/F-79, college: UNLV) - Las Vegas Aces
F - Wesley Fluellen (6'5''-F/G-78, college: Robert Morris) - Cleveland Rockers
F - Keith Simpson (6'7''-G/F-83, agency: 22ft) - Texas Fuel
G/F - Anthony Jones (6'4''-G-84, agency: Pro Management Agency, college: Indiana Tech) - Detroit Hoops
G - Maurice Davis (6'2''-G-79) - WV Blazers
G - Kenny Wright (6'1''-G-81) - Maywood Buzz
C/F - Larry Posey (6'5''-F-86, agency: Regeneracom Sports) - Houston Takers
F - Staten Jamel (6'6''-G-83, college: Minn.St.-Mankato) - Beijing Olympian
G/F - Currye Todd (6'4''-G-85, college: Lamar) - Southeast Texas Mustangs
G - Mjumbe Williams (6'0''-G-82, college: Ark.-Monticello) - Inland Empire
F - Zachary Logan (6'7''-F-84) - Bahama All Pro Show
G - Curtis Lewis (5'11''-G-82, college: Trevecca Naz.) - Nashville Broncs
F - Alexus Foyle (6'6''-F-78, college: BYU-Hawaii) - Jersey Express
F - Bilai McIntyre (6'8''-F/C, college: Modesto JC) - Modesto Bearcats
G - Huo Nan (6'6''-G/F-82) - Beijing Olympian
G - Ray Williams (6'0''-G-85, college: Salisbury St.) - West Texas Whirlwinds
C - Mike Wells (6'3''-G-79, agency: Liman Sports, college: W.Kentucky) - Kentucky Bisons

F - Boris Siakam - Kentucky Bisons; DeRon Rutledge - SETX Mustangs

Steve Tucker - Southeast Texas Mustangs

G- Curtis Lewis - Nashville Broncs; Wesley Stokes - Maywood Buzz; Currye Todd - SETX Mustangs

G - Desmond Cambridge - Nashville Broncs

Rickie Branch & Darrell Bailey

Scott Lumley - Owner, Nashville Broncs

Kentucky Bisons win ABA Championship
The Kentucky Bisons triumphed, 127-120 over the Maywood Buzz in the ABA Final Game on Sunday night in Nashville, TN, at Municipal Auditorium. The Owensboro's minor league Pro team did done in their first season what others have tried to do year after year, be in the final championship game, and w3in it. Maywood started doing what they have done all year, letting their star point guard Wesley Stokes (6'0''-G-82, college: San Diego St.) run the team and Kenny Wright (6'1''-G-81), Isaac Burton (6'3''-G-73, agency: Globalsports/Globalevents, college: Arizona St.) and Lemar Gayle (6'6''-F-79, college: CSU Bakersfield) scoring at will. The first quarter was very close with Kentuckys duo in the paint Boris Siakam, and Kenny Jones (6'6''-F-84, college: Kentucky St.) working hard to establish the inside game. At the end of the first quarter Kentucky trailed, and would continue to run behind most of the game. Holding the lead had Maywood constantly fighting off Kentucky. The Bisons continually launched runs on Maywood never falling more than eight points behind in the first half. The second quarter ended with the Bisons down 63-69. The second half proved even tougher for Kentucky as they found themselves in a hole trailing by as much as eighteen points. But Kentucky came back, and cut the lead to five early in the fourth quarter. Maywood had other plans and quickly enlarged the gap back up to thirteen. Around the five-minute mark of the fourth, the Bisons made their assault, and it worked: they took the lead with less than three minutes left, and won the game 127-120. Michael James (5'9''-G-85, college: Florida Intern.) finished the game with 16 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists and was voted the game Most Valuable Player. The high scorer for Kentucky was Mike Wells (6'3''-G-79, agency: Liman Sports, college: W.Kentucky) with 26 points, 6 rebounds, 3 assists, and 3 blocks. Wells had 24 of his points coming from eight 3-point baskets leading the Bisons to the title. Brandon Stockton (5'9''-G-84, college: Kentucky) added 24 points and 4 assists. Kenny Jones had 15 points, 5 rebounds, and 2 steals in the win

ABA All-Star Teams named
The American Basketball Association (ABA) annunced the East and West All-Star Teams that will compete in the ABA All-Star Game in Nashville on Sunday, March 22nd as part of a gala event that will include the Final Game of the ABA Playoffs. The rosters are as follows:

*Boris Siakam (6'7''-F-85, college: W.Kentucky), C, Kentucky Bisons
*Desmond Cambridge (6'0''-G-80, college: Alabama A&M), G, Nashville Broncs
*Scott Williams (6'2''-G, college: Carson-Newman), G/F, Knoxville Thunderbolts
*Isaiah Hunter (6'2''-G-84, college: ODU), G, Jersey Express
*Eric Smith (6'1''-G-83, college: Campbell), G, Chicago Steam
*Kenny Jones (6'6''-F-84, college: Kentucky St.), F, Kentucky Bisons
*Wesley Fluellen (6'5''-F/G-78, college: Robert Morris), F, Cleveland Rockers
*Anthony Jones (6'4''-G-84, agency: Pro Management Agency, college: Indiana Tech), G, Detroit Hoops
*Maurice Davis (6'2''-G-79), G/F, West Virginia Blazers
*Curtis Lewis (5'11''-G-82, college: Trevecca Naz.), G, Nashville Broncs
*Alexus Foyle (6'6''-F-78, college: BYU-Hawaii), F, Jersey Express
*Gordon Chase (6'2''-F-86, college: Georgetown, KY), F, Knoxville Thunderbolts
*Zachary Logan (6'7''-F-84), F, Bahamas All Pro Show
*Marquis Patton (6'2''-G, college: Fisk), Nashville Broncs, G
*Michael James (5'9''-G-85, college: Florida Intern.), F, Kentucky Bisons
*Sam Crenshaw (-F), F, Aurora Force
*Roderick Smith (6'8''-C-83, college: Jackson St.), C, Mississippi Blues
Coaching Staff
The EAST coaching staff will be announced shortly.

*DeRon Rutledge (6'6''-F-75, college: Tex.A&M-Kingsv.), F/C - Southeast Texas Mustangs
*Tim Pledger (5'9''-G-76, college: Belhaven), G - Southeast Texas Mustangs
*Anthony Lumpkin (6'1''-G-78, college: SW Oklahoma St.), G - Southeast Texas Mustangs
*Isaac Burton (6'3''-G-73, agency: Globalsports/Globalevents, college: Arizona St.), G/F - Maywood Buzz
*Wesley Stokes (6'0''-G-82, college: San Diego St.), G - Maywood Buzz
*Kenny Wright (6'1''-G-81), G - Maywood Buzz
*Derek Foster (6'0''-G-81, college: Cal-Santa Cruz), G - San Francisco Rumble
*Keith Simpson (6'7''-G/F-83, agency: 22ft), F - Texas Fuel
*Bilai McIntyre (-F/C) F/C - Modesto Bearcats
*Huo Nan (6'6''-G/F-82), G - Beijing Aoshen Olympian
*Sylvester Simple (6'8''-F/C-82, college: Wiley), C - Texas City Rangers
*Larry Posey (6'5''-F-86, agency: Regeneracom Sports), F/C - Houston Takers
*Isaiah Allen (6'3''-G-85, college: UTSA), G/F - Texas Fuel
*Currye Todd (6'4''-G-85, college: Lamar), G/F - Southeast Texas Mustangs
*Zhang Songtao (7'0''-C-85), C - Beijing Aoshen Olympian
*Ray Williams (6'0''-G-85, college: Salisbury St.), G - West Texas Whirlwinds
Coaching Staff
*Head Coach - Steve Tucker , Southeast Texas Mustangs
*Assistant Coaches - Burrell Lee , Maywood Buzz and Coughter Paul , Beijing Aoshen Olympian

Bilai McIntyre, the forward/center from the Modesto Bearcats who was named yesterday to the ABA West All-Stars has signed a contract to play in Mexico. He will be replaced on the team by Beijing Aoshen Olympian center Zhang Songtao.

ABA Slam Dunk and 3-Point Shooting Champions emerge
In addition to great ABA playoff games and the ABA All Star Game, the best of the ABA's 3-point shooting and slam dunk specialists took part in spirited contests to see who would emerge as the Champions for the 2009-2010 season. Preceding the championship game between the Kentucky Bisons and the Maywood Buzz, the players put on a dazzling performance with the three finalists in each category to compete at halftime of the championship game. In the three point shooting contest, Curtis Lewis (5'11''-G-82, college: Trevecca Naz.) of the Nashville Broncs defeated Eric Smith (6'1''-G-83, college: Campbell) of the Chicago Steam and Benjamin Hebl (6'2''-G, college: Maryville Univ.) of the Texas Fuel in a very close battle. In the Slam Dunk contest, Eric Smith of the Chicago Steam dazzled the crowd with his performance narrowly beating Michael Blue (6'5''-F-86, college: Hiwassee JC) of the Knoxville Thunderbolts and Marquis Patton (6'2''-G, college: Fisk) of the Nashville Broncs. 'If anyone ever doubted the skills of the ABA players,' said Joe Newman, ABA CEO, 'all they have to do is watch them shoot and slam dunk. These guys are talented, gifted athletes with amazing skills and can compete with the best basketball players in the world.'
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