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Pacific-12 Conference Women Basketball

  2014-2015     Previous season  

Pac12 Ranking
 1. Oregon St. (7) 16-2(25-4) 
 2. Arizona St. (9) 16-2(25-5) 
 3. Stanford (15) 14-4(24-6) 
 4. UCLA (13) 14-4(22-7) 
 5. Washington 11-7(20-9) 
 6. Oregon 9-9(20-9) 
 7. Utah 8-10(16-13) 
 8. USC 6-12(18-12) 
 9. Washington St. 5-13(14-15) 
 10. California 4-14(13-16) 
 11. Arizona 3-15(12-18) 
 12. Colorado 2-16(7-22) 

Points Per Game
 Kelsey PLUM
  Avg: 26.1
 1. Plum, Washington26.1 
 2. Anigwe, California20.5 
 3. Alleyne, Oregon18.8 
 4. Weisner, Oregon S.17.7 
 5. Hristova, Washingt.16.8 
 6. Canada, UCLA16.1 
 7. Fields, UCLA15.7 
 8. Walton, Washington15.6 
 9. Potter, Utah15.1 
 10. Thompson, Stanfo.14.4 
Rebounds Per Game
 Jillian ALLEYNE
  Avg: 13.5
 1. Alleyne, Oregon13.5 
 2. Chantel, Washi.10.8 
 3. Potter, Utah9.7 
 4. Hamblin, Oregon S.9.7 
 5. Anigwe, California9.3 
 6. McCall, Stanford9.3 
 7. Fagbenle, USC8.7 
 8. Crozon, Utah8.4 
 9. Simon, USC8.0 
 10. Billings, UCLA8.0 
Assists Per Game
 Jordin CANADA
  Avg: 5.9
 1. Canada, UCLA5.9 
 2. Barrett, USC5.8 
 3. Cazorla, Oregon5.6 
 4. Davis, Arizona St.5.0 
 5. Green, California4.9 
 6. Wiese, Oregon St.4.9 
 7. Leonard, Colorado4.7 
 8. Thomas, California4.4 
 9. Rodriguez, Utah4.3 
 10. Plum, Washington3.7 
Steals Per Game
 Gabby GREEN
  Avg: 2.6
 1. Green, California2.6 
 2. Canada, UCLA2.4 
 3. Fields, UCLA2.2 
 4. Walton, Washington2.1 
 5. Cazorla, Oregon2.0 
 6. Fagbenle, USC1.8 
 7. Adams, USC1.8 
 8. Jaco, USC1.7 
 9. Barrett, USC1.7 
 10. Brunner, Arizona1.7 
Blocks Per Game
  Oregon S.
  Avg: 3.5
 1. Hamblin, Oregon S.3.5 
 2. Potter, Utah2.4 
 3. McCall, Stanford2.0 
 4. Swan, Colorado1.8 
 5. Johnson, Stanford1.7 
 6. Billings, UCLA1.5 
 7. Urbaniak-D., Arizo.1.3 
 8. Adams, USC1.3 
 9. Fagbenle, USC1.2 
 10. Vandenberg, Oreg.1.2 

Pac12 Men 2015-2016
Official Web Site

Oregon State University wins the USA Pac12 2015-2016 title (Photo:

Oregon State University 2015-16
Scott Rueck Scott Rueck Rueck
Gabriella Hanson
Ruth Hamblin
Jamie Weisner
Deven Hunter
Sydney Wiese
# Name CM (INCH) Pos Bo NAT
11  Hanson Gabriella 180 (5'11'') G 95 Sweden
44  Hamblin Ruth 198 (6'6'') C 94 Canada
15  Weisner Jamie 178 (5'10'') G 94 Canada
32  Hunter Deven 190 (6'3'') F 94 USA
24  Wiese Sydney 185 (6'1'') G 95 USA
10  McWilliams Katie 188 (6'2'') G USA
21  Gulich Marie 196 (6'5'') C 94 Germany
4  Brown Breanna 190 (6'3'') F/C 95 USA
12  Orum Kolbie 190 (6'3'') F 95 Canada
22  Hill Jen'Von'Ta 173 (5'8'') PG 93 USA
5  Siegner Samantha 191 (6'3'') F 93 USA
25  Kalmer Taylor 173 (5'8'') PG USA
31  Green Tarea 193 (6'4'') C USA
Head Coach: Scott Rueck
Coach Assistant: Eric Ely
Coach Assistant: Jonas Chatterton
Coach Assistant: Mandy Close

Pac-12 feature: Oregon State claims first Pac-12 tournament title - Mar 8, 2016

When the deepest, most competitive Pac-12 women's basketball tournament ever played was in the books, the best three players on the best team had more than made their mark.
Oregon State's Jamie Weisner (5'10''-PG-94), Ruth Hamblin (6'6''-C-94) and guard Sydney Wiese (6'1''-G-95) propelled their team to a title in eye-popping fashion.
In the Beavers 69-57 championship game win over UCLA - the program's first-ever tournament title - the Beavers trio combined for 63 points and 28 rebounds.
Weisner was named the tournaments Most Outstanding Player. Wiese and Hamblin were named to the All-Tournament team.
And Oregon State finally got what it came to Seattle to get, capping a three-year odyssey in which the Beavers have ascended to the top of the Pac-12.
'This is an incredibly special group that deserves what they got tonight,' Oregon State coach Scott Rueck said. 'They know we have a lot more to do this year. This is just the next segment. So this group gets a banner and they got to earn this trophy. And they did. This is hard. They persevered through it and they have a really, proud, happy coach.'
The Beavers were in the title game for the second time in three years, and book-ended their second straight regular-season title this season with a tournament championship, positioning themselves for a high seed in the upcoming NCAA Tournament and a deep run into the brackets.
They have Weisner, Hamblin and Wiese to thank for transcendent performances.
Rueck was asked after the game, with the Pac-12 Tournament Trophy on the table in front of him, whether he could have gotten any more from his three star players.
'I guess, the answer is no,' he said, looking at the box score. 'These three carry a large load for us. They should and they do. Basketball is their identity, in that this is more than what they do, it's who they are. They are the leaders of our team and on the biggest stage in our conference, they play the biggest. They are superstars.'
And each of them brings something different to the floor.
Wiese, the junior from Arizona with the trademark headband, is all hustle and energy. She got the Beavers off to a great start with 18 first-half points, and even as OSU built a 31-point lead in the second half, she never stopped running at full speed.
With 30 seconds remaining in the third quarter, Wiese attempted to run down an errant pass that was clearly heading out of bounds, but the junior point guard was going to try to run it down anyway. She hustled out of bounds, managed to sidestep some spectators sitting on the sidelines and didn't stop until she was about a quarter-way up the steps in Key Arena.
Wiese finished the game with 21 points, including five 3-pointers, a Pac-12 record for a tournament final.
It might have been easy to forget this season what a pivotal role Wiese plays on the floor for the Beavers. It was her back-court mate, Weisner who ended up as the conference player of the year after a stellar senior season. Wiese was injured and missed eight games and the Beavers still found a way to win without her until she returned to the floor.
But make no mistake, what Wiese does for Oregon State never been more important. And the junior guard proved that Sunday night.
'This has definitely been a much different experience for me,' Wiese said. 'I got a good opportunity to be a leader in a different way and people stepped up in big ways (while she was out). This team is experienced in handling adversity. But it does feel really good to have this (championship) hat on my head.'
Hamblin has earned the nickname the 'Canadian Hammer'. The 6-foot-5 is not only one of the best student-athletes in the country, but one of the toughest guards in the women's game because of her size and agility.
Her 23-point, 20-rebound performance was the first 20-20 game of her career. She set the conference record for blocks and turned in one of the her most dominant performances of the season.
'My team did a great job of getting me the ball and I just worked early for position for those rebounds,' Hamblin said. 'I'm just glad I could help bring that for us and cut down the net.'
Meanwhile, Weisner did what she does. Play winning, consistent basketball. The senior guard and Pac-12 Co-Player of the Year ended up with 19 points and five rebounds and was lifted on to her teammates' shoulders after the game.
'I just love being a part of this team and I wouldn't want to go to work with any other than these girls every day,' said Weisner, who has scored in double figures in 27 games this season. 'So just to see the success that we have, this is huge. I'm incredibly blessed.'
UCLA coach Cori Close credited the Oregon State trio on their game-turning performances.
'I don't think you can shut them down,' Close said. 'They know how to find their 'big three'. We knew if they were in a rhythm, they could find them in stride and that would not be to our advantage. They are a really good team and they play their roles really well.'
Wiese hugged Hamblin and cried as they prepared to take the stage and accept the championship trophy, the Beavers releasing a joy that's been building for several years.
'We are not satisfied,' Wiese said. 'Even with this victory, we are obviously going to enjoy this today, but then come tomorrow and the next day we are going to start preparing for whoever we are going to face in the tournament. It's been a different mindset that we've had all year that we never relax and always stay hungry.'
Oregon State will enjoy the week off before next Monday's Selection Show and likely a repeat of last year's No. 2 seed, one that will bring them back to Gil Coliseum for a second chance to reach the NCAA regional round.
And then, there is more to do for a team that feels like it is built for a run to the Final Four in Indianapolis.
'Our mindset doesn't change at all. As a senior, you come into the season knowing it's going to be your last everything,' Weisner said. 'But I think we played every game all season like it was our last one.'

Pac-12 Tournament Final: Oregon State - UCLA 69-57
Pac-12 Tournament Semifinals:
UCLA - California 73-67
Oregon State - Washington 57-55

Courtesy of Pac-12

All-Pac-12 Awards 2016 - Mar 8, 2016

All-Pac-12 1st Team 2016
Jillian Alleyne
Kristine Anigwe
Sophie Brunner
Jordin Canada
Elisha Davis

All-Tournament MVP: Sydney Wiese (6'1''-G-95) of Oregon St.
Co-Player of the Year: Jillian Alleyne (6'3''-F) of Oregon
Co-Player of the Year: Jamie Weisner (5'10''-PG-94) of Oregon St.
Defensive Player of the Year: Ruth Hamblin (6'6''-C-94) of Oregon St.
Freshman of the Year: Kristine Anigwe (6'4''-C-97) of California
Scholar-Athlete of the Year: Ruth Hamblin (6'6''-C-94) of Oregon St.
Coach of the Year: Charli Turner Thorne of Arizona St.

1st Team
F: Jillian Alleyne (6'3''-F) of Oregon
C: Kristine Anigwe (6'4''-C-97) of California
F: Sophie Brunner (6'1''-F-95) of Arizona St.
PG: Jordin Canada (5'6''-PG-95) of UCLA
PG: Elisha Davis (5'3''-PG-94) of Arizona St.
F: Temitope Fagbenle (6'4''-F-92) of USC
G: Nirra Fields (5'9''-G-93) of UCLA
C: Ruth Hamblin (6'6''-C-94) of Oregon St.
G: Katie Hempen (5'9''-G-93) of Arizona St.
F: Erica McCall (6'3''-F-95) of Stanford
PG: Kelsey Plum (5'8''-PG-94) of Washington
F: Emily Potter (6'5''-F-95) of Utah
G: Lili Thompson (5'7''-G) of Stanford
PG: Jamie Weisner (5'10''-PG-94) of Oregon St.
G: Sydney Wiese (6'1''-G-95) of Oregon St.

Honorable Mention
Monique Billings (6'4''-F-96) of UCLA
Maite Cazorla (5'10''-G) of Oregon
Paige Crozon (6'1''-G-94) of Utah
Borislava Hristova (6'0''-F-96) of Washington St.
Courtney Jaco (5'8''-PG-95) of USC
Kennedy Leonard (5'8''-G-96) of Colorado
Osahor Chantel (6'2''-F) of Washington
Lexi Petersen (5'11''-G) of Oregon
Courtney Range (6'3''-F-95) of California
Danielle Rodriguez (5'10''-G) of Utah
Karlie Samuelson (6'0''-G) of Stanford
Jamee Swan (6'2''-F-94) of Colorado
Talia Walton (6'2''-F) of Washington

All-Defensive Team
F: Jillian Alleyne (6'3''-F) of Oregon
PG: Jordin Canada (5'6''-PG-95) of UCLA
PG: Elisha Davis (5'3''-PG-94) of Arizona St.
C: Ruth Hamblin (6'6''-C-94) of Oregon St.
F: Erica McCall (6'3''-F-95) of Stanford

All-Freshman Team
C: Kristine Anigwe (6'4''-C-97) of California
F: Kennedy Burke (6'1''-F-97) of UCLA
G: Maite Cazorla (5'10''-G) of Oregon
F: Borislava Hristova (6'0''-F-96) of Washington St.
G: Kennedy Leonard (5'8''-G-96) of Colorado


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