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Jun 17: Nantes (FRA): FIBA 3x3 World Cup 2017 starts
Players/Coaches Movement in NBLCanada in 2016-2017
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Updated on: April 20, 2017


Players Joined
 Sefton Barrett  (196-SF-83)  from BC Nokia (Finland)  
 Mike Luby  (213-C/F-87)  from St.John R. (Canada)  
 Charles Mann  USA (198-G-94)  from Georgia (NCAA)  
 Billy Rush  USA (198-G/F-88)  from IRT Tanger (Morocco)  
 Clinton Springer-Williams  (193-G/F)  from Windsor Exp. (Canada)  
 Keith Thomas  USA (203-F-91)  from Island S. (Canada)  
 Anthony Walker  (206-F-93)  from Ft.Wayne MA (D-League)  
 Wyatt Anders  (201-F)  from Manitoba (Canada)  
 Jimmy Dorsey  USA (188-G-89)  from Karlsruhe BG (Germany)  
 Chad Frazier  USA (192-G-92)  from Nevezis (Lithuania)  
 Chris Hines  (203-F-87)  from NightQueen (Eurobasket S.League)  
 Morgan Lewis  USA (193-SG-87)  from Island S. (Canada)  
 Chadrack Lufile  (206-F-90)  from Nuernberg (Germany)  
 Deronn Scott  USA (198-G-92)  from Leiden (Holland)  
 Jarryn Skeete  (190-G-93)  from Buffalo (NCAA)  
 Hank Thorns  USA (175-PG-89)  from Guaymas (Mexico)  
 Austin Witter  USA (203-F-91)  from Bucaros (Colombia)  
 Booker Woodfox  (185-G-86)  from Texas L. (D-League)  

Players Joined
 Aaron Bowen  USA (198-F-91)  from Windsor Exp. (Canada)  
 Coreontae DeBerry  USA (208-F-94)  from Cincinnati (NCAA)  
 Tyrel Edwards  (196-G-91)  from Cape Breton H. (Canada)  
 Joey Haywood  Trinidad and Tobago Canadian (185-PG-84)  from Z*Halifax R. (Canada)  
 Tre Boutilier  (196-F)  from University of the Cumberlands (NAIA)  
 Anthony Cox  (206-C-83)  from Hudson Valley (APBL)  
 Renaldo Dixon  (206-C-90)  from Island S. (Canada)  
 Antoine Mason  USA (191-G-92)  from Apollon (Cyprus)  
 Kenneth Otieno  Kenyan Canadian (188-G-91)  from Sammic ISB (Spain)  
 Mike Poole  (198-G/F-92)  from Rutgers (NCAA)  
 Myles Taylor  USA (201-F-92)  from Tennessee-Martin (NCAA)  
 C.J. Washington  USA (203-F-92)  from Rocamora (Argentina)  
 Tyrone Watson  (196-F-90)  from Orangeville A's (Canada)  
 Billy White  USA (203-F-89)  from Apollon (Cyprus)  
 Ta'Quan Zimmerman  (187-G-91)  from Salt Lake City S. (D-League)  
Players Left
 Brandon Bowdry  USA (200-F/G-88)  to Los Leones (Chile)  
 Tony Criswell  USA (206-PF-91)  to London L. (Canada)  
 Joel Friesen  (193-G)  to London L. (Canada)  
 Shane Gibson  USA (188-G-90)  to Beroe (Bulgaria)  
 Kyle Hunt  USA Jamaican (208-F/C-89)  to Yalova Bld (Turkey)  
 Shaquille Johnson  USA (190-F-90)  to U Universitario (Uruguay)  
 Negus Webster-Chan  Canadian (201-G-93)  to Raptors 905 (D-League)  
Players Stayed
 Clifford Clinkscales  USA (185-PG-84)
Free Agents
 Cameron Bennerman  USA (193-G-84)
 Ty Nurse  (185-PG-90)
Coaches Joined
 Mike Leslie  from Island S. (Canada)  

Players Left
 Douglas Appiah  (185-G-88)  to Orangeville A's (Canada)  
 Brendan Cooper  (201-G)  to Cleveland Proers (ABA)  
 Darnell Hugee  (201-F-85)  to Metroplex L. (UBA)  
 Michael Smith  Canadian Italian (188-G-89)  to Westfalen M. (Germany)  

Players Joined
 Mike Allison  (206-C-90)  from Niagara RL (Canada)  
 Akeem Ellis  USA (198-G-90)  from Lourdes (France)  
 Robert Nortmann  Bahamas Canadian (205-F)  from Francavilla (Italy)  
 Rashad Whack  USA (190-G-91)  from Winterthur (Switzerland)  
 Akeem Wright  USA (200-F/G-84)  from Apoel (Cyprus)  
 Tirrell Baines  USA (198-F-86)  from Z*Ottawa S. (Canada)  
 Jahii Carson  USA (178-PG-92)  from Adanaspor (Turkey)  
 Ryan Christie  (201-PF-90)  from Z*BSN (Canada)  
 Demitri Harris  Greek Canadian (198-F-90)  from Z*Vancouver B. (ABA)  
 Wayne McCullough  USA (196-G/F-94)  from Colorado Christian (NCAA2)  
 Alex Richter  USA (196-G/F-92)  from Augustana, SD (NCAA2)  
 Sharife Sergeant  Canadian Antiguan (204-F/C-92)  from Al Nift (Iraq)  
 Bradley States  (198-F)
 A.J. Stewart  (205-F-88)  from Z*S.Coast F. (ABA)  
 Al Stewart  USA (178-PG-83)  from St.John R. (Canada)  
 Jackson Trapp  USA (193-G-92)  from Florida Atlantic (NCAA)  
 Shawn Vanzant  USA (185-G-88)  from Moncton M. (Canada)  
Players Left
 Brian Addison  USA (205-F-87)  to St.John R. (Canada)  
 Joseph Bertrand  USA (198-G-91)  to Dresden (Germany)  
 Renaldo Dixon  (206-C-90)  to Halifax H. (Canada)  
 Gary Gibson  USA Canadian (188-PG-86)  to Moncton M. (Canada)  
 Malcolm Grant  USA (185-G-88)  to Tajfun (Slovenia)  
 Denzel Jackson  USA (198-F-88)  to Zakho (Iraq)  
 Brent Jennings  USA (193-G-88)  to Saitama Bron. (Japan)  
 Morgan Lewis  USA (193-SG-87)  to Cape Breton H. (Canada)  
Players Stayed
 Terry Thomas  (193-G/F-91)
Free Agents
 Josiah Turner  USA (190-G-92)
 Andre Malone  USA (198-G)
 Alex DesRoches  (193-G/F-88)
Coaches Joined
 Reagh Vidito  from UPEI (Canada)  

Players Left
 Aaron Spears  USA (207-C-84)  to St.John R. (Canada)  

Players Joined
 George Blakeney  USA (206-F/C-91)  from CAB Madeira (Portugal)  
 Jason Calliste  Jamaican Canadian (188-G-90)  from Barons Riga (Latvia)  
 Paul Cooper  USA (203-F)  from Tabare (Uruguay)  
 Tyrone Dickson  (198-F)  from Humber ()  
 Ed Horton  (186-PG-85)  from Jacksonville G. (ABA)  
 Anthony Ottley  (198-F-91)
 Isiah Umipig  USA (183-PG-92)  from Mayrouba (Lebanon)  
 Flenard Whitfield  USA (200-F-90)  from Skallagrimur (Iceland)  
 Hichem Benayad-Cherif  Algerian Canadian (201-G/F-90)  from Constantine CSC (Algeria)  
 Adam Blazek  USA (185-PG-92)  from Niagara RL (Canada)  
 Orlando Coleman  (196-F)  from Morehead St. (NCAA)  
 A.J. Davis  (198-G-87)  from Sioux Falls S. (D-League)  
 Nate Howard  USA (213-C)  from Keene State College (NCAA3)  
 Cavell Johnson  USA (205-F-85)  from Promitheas (Greece)  
 Greg Morrow  (190-F)
 Ryan Nitz  USA (193-F)  from CS Monterey (NCAA2)  
 Tramar Sutherland  (190-G-89)  from Niagara RL (Canada)  
 Tramique Sutherland  (183-PG)  from Texas-PB (NCAA2)  
 Adam Wing  USA (193-G-93)  from Evansville (NCAA)  
Players Left
 James Justice  USA (178-PG-89)  to Qatar Club (Qatar)  
Free Agents
 William Coulthard  (188-G)
Coaches Joined
 Serge Langis  from Moncton M. (Canada)  

Players Joined
 Maurice Bolden  (208-G/F-89)  from Austin S. (D-League)  
 Doug Herring Jr.  USA (191-G)  from Defensor (Uruguay)  
 Marvin Phillips  USA (201-F/C-83)  from Caen (France)  
 Marvin Singleton  USA (196-F-93)  from London L. (Canada)  
 Ryan Anderson  USA (193-G-87)  from Moncton M. (Canada)  
 Taylor Black  (198-F)  from Z*Marauders (Canada)  
 Julian Boyd  USA (201-F-90)  from Porvoon Tarmo (Finland)  
 Junior Cadougan  Jamaican Canadian (187-G-90)  from Trikalla (Greece)  
 Tony Criswell  USA (206-PF-91)  from Halifax H. (Canada)  
 Aaron Dotson  (193-G-91)  from Salt Lake City S. (D-League)  
 Fredrick Edmond  USA (191-G)  from W.Kentucky (NCAA)  
 Joel Friesen  (193-G)  from Halifax H. (Canada)  
 Troy Gottselig  (203-F-87)  from Randers (Denmark)  
 Kyle Johnson  British Canadian (195-G-88)  from Novipiu Casale (Italy)  
 Royce White  (203-F-91)  from Sacramento K. (NBA)  
Players Left
 Eric Kibi  DR Congolese Canadian (198-F-90)  to Randers (Denmark)  
 Jonathan Mills  (196-F-94)  to Champaign S. (MPBA)  
 Tyshawn Patterson  USA (185-PG-91)  to Niagara RL (Canada)  
 Akeem Scott  Jamaican USA (185-G-83)  to CDU Concepcion (Chile)  
 Warren Ward  (196-G-89)  to Windsor Exp. (Canada)  
 Kendall Williams  (183-G-91)  to Lincoln Trail CC (JUCO)  
 Jeremy Wise  USA (191-G-86)  to Trepca (Kosovo)  
Players Stayed
 Marcus Capers  USA (193-G-89)
 Garrett Williamson  USA (196-G-88)
Free Agents
 Mustafaa Jones  USA (190-G)
 Stephen Maxwell  USA (201-F-93)
 Jordan Weidner  USA (188-G)

Players Left
 Tyrone Garland  USA (185-G-92)  to Breidablik (Iceland)  
 Brian Oliver  USA (201-G/F-90)  to Berck (France)  

Players Joined
 Melvin Johnson III  (198-G-90)  from Grand Rapids D. (D-League)  
 Brandan Kearney  USA (198-G-92)  from Windsor Exp. (Canada)  
 Korie Lucious  USA (180-PG-89)  from Henan (China)  
 Ian Pinckney  (190-G)  from Z*Venice Beach W. (IBL)  
 Leon Sutton  USA (185-PG-88)  from Apollon (Cyprus)  
 Darrell Wonge  USA (199-F-86)  from Uhud (Saudi Arabia)  
 Russell Byrd  USA (201-G-92)  from Michigan St. (NCAA)  
 Theo Davis  (208-C-86)  from Windsor Exp. (Canada)  
 Jamal Gatali  (201-G)  from Slippery Rock (NCAA2)  
 Timothy Mitchell  USA (206-C-90)  from Sechtem SG (Germany)  
 Malik Story  USA (196-F/G-90)  from Kouvot (Finland)  
 Jordan Stotts  USA (203-F-93)  from Sioux Falls (NCAA2)  
 Hunter Williams  USA (183-PG-92)  from Chernomorets (Bulgaria)  
Players Left
 Ryan Anderson  USA (193-G-87)  to London L. (Canada)  
 Troy Brewer  USA (196-G-89)  to Maia Basket (Portugal)  
 Daquan Brooks  USA (177-PG)  to Orangeville A's (Canada)  
 Jershon Cobb  USA (196-G-91)  to Condores (Colombia)  
 Thomas Granado  USA (208-C-88)  to Olimpo BB (Argentina)  
 Jerron Jamerson  USA (193-G/F)  to Darwin A. (Australia)  
 Anto Raic  Serbian Croatian (201-F)  to Orangeville A's (Canada)  
 Zachary Valliere  (208-C-90)  to N.England A. (ABA)  
 Shawn Vanzant  USA (185-G-88)  to Island S. (Canada)  
Players Stayed
 Tydran Beaty  USA (201-F)
 Cordell Jeanty  (196-F-79)
 Tyrrel Tate  USA (196-F-92)
Free Agents
 Gary Gibson  USA Canadian (188-PG-86)
 Achuil Lual  South Sudanese Canadian (206-F/C-82)
 Mike Martin  USA (203-F-85)
 Jamil Terrell  USA (200-F/C-80)
 Shane Burrell  USA Jamaican (203-F/C-88)
 Kason Cheeks  USA (195-F)
 Ryan Smith  (193-F)

Players Joined
 Ajahmo Clarke  (190-G)  from George Brown (CCAA)  
 Carl Hall  USA (202-F-89)  from Tokyo HT (Japan)  
 Scoop Jardine  USA (188-G-88)  from Moncton M. (Canada)  
 Matt Marshall  (198-F)
 Elliot Mason  (198-F)  from Langara ()  
 Sam Muldrow  USA (206-PF-88)  from Oettinger R. (Germany)  
 Nick Okorie  USA (185-PG-88)  from Island S. (Canada)  
 Joe Rocca  (193-G)  from Carleton (NBBL)  
 Naadir Tharpe  (180-PG-91)  from Delaware 87ers (D-League)  
 Richard Amardi  (206-F-90)  from Orangeville A's (Canada)  
 Mangisto Arop  South Sudanese Canadian (198-F-90)  from Uni Baskets (Germany)  
 Bilal Benn  USA (196-G/F-86)  from Orangeville A's (Canada)  
 LaQuavius Cotton  (198-G)  from Mississippi Coll. (NCAA2)  
 Josiah Moore  (196-F-92)  from Tenn Tech (NCAA)  
 Tyler Murray  (195-PG-90)  from Academia (Colombia)  
 Rotimi Osuntola  Nigerian Canadian (196-G-92)  from Agustinos-Leclerc (Spain)  
 Tyshawn Patterson  USA (185-PG-91)  from London L. (Canada)  
 Kirk Williams  USA (200-PF-81)  from Windsor Exp. (Canada)  
Players Left
 Adam Blazek  USA (185-PG-92)  to KW Titans (Canada)  
 Chris Johnson  Canadian (196-G/F-88)  to Illiabum (Portugal)  
 B.J. Monteiro  USA Cape Verdean (196-F/G-90)  to Caen (France)  
 Tramar Sutherland  (190-G-89)  to KW Titans (Canada)  
Players Stayed
 Russ Conley  USA (206-C-91)
 Marcus Lewis  USA (193-G)
 Sammy Zeglinski  USA (182-PG-88)
Free Agents
 Greg Carter  Canadian Jamaican (178-PG-90)
 Jonathan Dunn  USA (193-G)
 Dylan Edgar  USA (208-F)

Players Joined
 Jake Anderson  (187-PG-87)  from Pontiac 66ers (MPBA)  
 Larry Anderson  (195-G-89)  from Grand Rapids D. (D-League)  
 Da'Quan Cook  USA (205-F-87)  from Island S. (Canada)  
 Alex Johnson  (178-PG-88)  from Grand Rapids D. (D-League)  
 Stefan Nastic  (211-C-92)  from Crvena Zvezda (Serbia)  
 Parris Scales  USA (203-F-93)  from Greensboro College (NCAA3)  
 James Siakam  Cameroonian (201-F-92)  from Island S. (Canada)  
 Nicholas Wiggins  (198-G-91)  from Rabotnicki (FYR Macedonia)  
 Enrico Diloreto  (185-G-90)  from Trani (Italy)  
 Anthony Harris  (188-G-85)  from Ft.Wayne MA (D-League)  
 Jerrod Hendricks  USA (175-PG)  from Tees Valley M. (United Kingdom)  
 Rahlir Hollis-Jefferson  USA (198-F-91)  from St.John R. (Canada)  
 Troy Joseph  Jamaican Canadian (198-F-91)
 Slim Magee  USA (211-C)  from Maia Basket (Portugal)  
 Justin Moss  USA (201-F-93)  from Caballos (Panama)  
 Corbin Thomas  USA (198-F-91)  from Patriotas (Colombia)  
 Daniel Tulloch  (196-F)  from York (Canada)  
 Kyle Wiggins  (190-G-93)  from Madrid (Eurobasket S.League)  
Players Left
 Richard Amardi  (206-F-90)  to Niagara RL (Canada)  
 Bilal Benn  USA (196-G/F-86)  to Niagara RL (Canada)  
 Dominic Cheek  USA (198-G-91)  to Las Animas (Chile)  
 Lewis Jackson  (178-PG-89)  to Erie Bay H. (D-League)  
 Tyrone Watson  (196-F-90)  to Halifax H. (Canada)  
Players Stayed
 Rick Bodiford  USA (193-G-87)
 Jameson Tipping  USA (201-G)
Free Agents
 Douglas Appiah  (185-G-88)
 Brandon Austin  USA (198-F/G-94)
 Daquan Brooks  USA (177-PG)
 Anto Raic  Serbian Croatian (201-F)
 Erik Copes  USA (203-F)
 Robert Diggs  USA (203-F-87)
 Dan O'Keefe  USA (196-F)
 Bryson Johnson  (188-PG-90)
 David Tyndale  (180-PG)

Players Left
 Tirrell Baines  USA (198-F-86)  to Island S. (Canada)  

Players Joined
 Aaron Brown  USA (196-G-92)  from St.Joseph's (NCAA)  
 Alex Campbell  (188-G-93)
 Chris Commons  USA (206-F-84)  from Niagara RL (Canada)  
 Jahmal McQueen  (202-F)  from Windsor Exp. (Canada)  
 Orlando Palmer  (G89)  from Holland ()  
 Horace Wormely  USA (168-PG-84)  from Aguilas (Colombia)  
 Brian Addison  USA (205-F-87)  from Island S. (Canada)  
 Olumuyiwa Famutimi  Nigerian Canadian (198-F/G-84)  from Quilmes MP (Argentina)  
 Craig Foster  (180-PG)  from Z*Native P. (ABA)  
 Haakim Johnson  USA (201-G/F-87)  from Soles (Mexico)  
 Darin Mency  USA (188-G-89)  from La Roda (Spain)  
 Kammron Taylor  (188-G-84)  from Oklahoma City (Eurobasket S.League)  
 Varez Ward  (187-G-88)  from Texas (NCAA)  
Players Left
 Corey Allmond  (188-G-88)  to Rochester R. (PBL)  
 Aquille Carr  Canadian (168-PG-93)  to Baltimore Hawks (ABA)  
 Rahlir Hollis-Jefferson  USA (198-F-91)  to Orangeville A's (Canada)  
 Garrius Holloman  USA (198-F-89)  to Lusitania (Portugal)  
 David Seagers  USA (188-G-88)  to Pacific Caesar (Indonesia)  
 Al Stewart  USA (178-PG-83)  to Island S. (Canada)  
 Anthony Winbush  USA (201-F/G-90)  to Scarborough (Canada)  
Players Stayed
 Gabe Freeman  USA (198-F-85)
 Anthony Stover  USA (208-C-90)
 Michael Anderson  (191-G-87)
 Anthony Anderson  USA (180-PG-81)
Free Agents
 Michael Armstrong  (211-C)
 Johnny Mayhane  USA (195-G/F-86)
 Aaron Spears  USA (207-C-84)
 Darren Moore  USA (203-F/C)
 Robinson Odoch Opong  (190-G-89)
 Jean-Richard Volcy  (201-F-82)
 Modibo Diarra  Mali (208-C/F-80)

  WINDSOR EXPRESS  (Champion)  
Players Joined
 Tony Bennett  USA (185-G-84)  from Indios (Mexico)  
 Marvin Binney  (190-PG-90)  from Universal City S. (ABA)  
 Nick Evans  USA (210-C-88)  from Uhud (Saudi Arabia)  
 Rudolphe Joly  (208-C-92)  from Danang Dragons (Vietnam)  
 Shaquille Keith  (196-F-93)  from Cape Breton H. (Canada)  
 Juan Pattillo  USA (201-F-88)  from Maccabi H/H (Israel)  
 Jeffery Remmington  (182-PG)  from S.Florida Gold (ABA)  
 Akeme Smart  Vincentian (221-C-91)  from Santfeliuenc (Spain)  
 Logan Stutz  USA (205-F-88)  from Niagara RL (Canada)  
 Darren Duncan  USA (182-PG-88)  from KTP Basket (Finland)  
 Wally Ellenson  USA (198-G-94)  from Marquette (NCAA)  
 Jernard Jarreau  USA (208-F-92)  from Tulane (NCAA)  
 Maurice Jones  USA (170-PG-91)  from Northwood (NCAA2)  
 Noel Moffatt  (196-G/F-93)  from Memorial (Canada)  
 Shawntez Patterson  USA (201-F-90)  from Napoli J.News (Italy)  
 Warren Ward  (196-G-89)  from London L. (Canada)  
Players Left
 Theo Davis  (208-C-86)  to Moncton M. (Canada)  
 Fred Sturdivant  (201-F-91)  to Bowling Green H. (CBA)  
 Kirk Williams  USA (200-PF-81)  to Niagara RL (Canada)  
Players Stayed
 DeAndre Thomas  USA (203-C-86)
 Eric Parker  USA (203-F/C-84)
Free Agents
 Sherron Collins  USA (180-PG-87)
 Eric Frederick  USA (203-F-88)
 Chris Matthews  USA (193-G-85)
 Adrian Moss  USA (175-PG-88)
 Shane Ross  USA (203-F/C-86)
 Ljubisa Vrcelj  Croatian Canadian (210-C-84)
 Jahmar McQueen  (200-F/G-89)

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