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Gianni Pascucci

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ABA Standings
 1. Steel City YJ 8-1 
 2. DMV Warriors 7-1 
 3. Baltimore Hawks 7-2 
 4. Reading Wizards 7-4 
 5. NEPA Stars 6-2 
 6. Maryland B. 1-2 
 7. PG Valor 0-0 
 8. Philadelphia C. 0-0 
 9. Washington S. 0-0 
 10. York Buccaneers 0-0 
 11. Pottstown F. 0-2 
Far West
 1. San Diego K. 7-2 
 2. California S. 6-0 
 3. Team Trouble 6-1 
 4. Orange Cnty N. 5-2 
 5. Stanislaus Kats 4-3 
 6. San Diego G. 3-5 
 7. Tucson Buckets 2-1 
 8. San Diego Surf 1-3 
 9. Arizona Beast 0-0 
 10. Carson City S. 0-0 
 11. Henderson Hawks 0-0 
 12. Oceanside A-T 0-0 
 13. California G.T 0-3 
 14. Shizuoka G. 0-3 
 15. Las Vegas W. 0-4 
 16. Oakland BH 0-5 
 1. S.Florida Gold 10-1 
 2. Jacksonville G. 8-0 
 3. Orlando Waves 7-0 
 4. Florida All-Stars 3-3 
 5. Sunrise Jewels 2-2 
 6. St.Augustine G. 1-3 
 7. Saint Petersburg .. 1-6 
 8. Sarasota M. 0-4 
 1. Middle Georgia P. 7-2 
 2. Atlanta Aliens 4-0 
 3. Columbus BH 2-1 
 4. Georgia R. 1-0 
 5. Georgia P. 1-1 
 6. Atlanta Storm 1-2 
 7. Atlanta Wildcats 0-0 
 8. Georgia K. 0-0 
 9. Atlanta Rappers 0-1 
 10. Greenville G. 0-6 
 11. SW Warriors 0-6 
Great Plains
 1. Salina Saints 8-0 
 2. St.Louis Spirits 5-4 
 3. Colorado C. 0-0 
 4. Colorado GW 0-0 
 5. Colorado Kings 0-0 
 6. Tulsa Twisters 0-0 
 7. Topeka S. 0-1 
 8. St.Joseph Shields 0-2 
Gulf Coast
 1. Port City T. 6-2 
 2. Pro Elite Flyers 4-3 
 3. Jackson S. 3-4 
 4. Pensacola L. 1-9 
 5. Magic City Surge 0-0 
 6. Memphis J. 0-0 
 7. Mid South E. 0-0 
 8. Owensboro C. 0-0 
 9. Georgia G. 0-1 
 1. Richmond Elite 9-0 
 2. Fayetteville F. 4-1 
 3. Perseverance 1-3 
 4. Carolina Cougars 0-0 
 5. Charleston L. 0-0 
 6. Fredericksburg G. 0-0 
 7. RDC Vulcans 0-1 
 8. Charlotte R. 0-3 
North Central
 1. Chicago F. 8-2 
 2. Kentucky En. 7-0 
 3. Chicago S. 6-1 
 4. W.Michigan LH 5-4 
 5. Illinois B. 4-2 
 6. La Crosse S. 4-6 
 7. Akron Aviators 3-3 
 8. Chicago K. 3-3 
 9. Windy City G. 2-0 
 10. Indy Naptown AS 0-0 
 11. Libertyville V. 0-1 
 12. Oakland CC 0-1 
 13. Team NetWork 0-5 
 1. Worcester 78s 8-0 
 2. Binghamton B. 8-2 
 3. Elmira Eagles 2-4 
 4. Roc City Ravens 1-0 
 5. Boston L. 0-0 
 6. Bronx HF 0-0 
 7. Long Island J. 0-0 
 8. Outtatowners 0-0 
 9. Atlantic C.Cardin.. 0-1 
 10. Jersey Express 0-1 
 11. NY Court Kingz 0-1 
 12. Springfield S. 0-1 
 1. ABA Australia 0-0 
 2. ABA Mexico 0-0 
 3. Lakewood P. 0-0 
 4. Tacoma Tigers 0-0 
 1. Twin City Jazz 6-2 
 2. Universal City S. 6-2 
 3. C.Texas Nighth. 5-4 
 4. Plano Mighty Kings 2-2 
 5. Austin Bats 1-1 
 6. Dallas I. 0-0 
 7. Energy of FW 0-0 
 8. Louisiana Cajun 0-0 
 9. San Antonio Blaze 0-0 
 10. Shreveport-BF 0-0 
 11. Texarkana P. 0-0 
 12. Texas RW 0-0 
 13. Texas Sky Riders 0-0 
 14. W.Texas W. 0-0 
 15. Kyle Stallions 0-2 


2011-2012 All-United States Awards (Voted by All USA Sports Reporters) - May 4, 2012

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Traditionally at the end of each year Usbasket announces the American awards for last year. So for the second time Usbasket would like to announce its 2011-2012 National Awards.

It's prepared by staff. Usbasket has a network of almost 200 correspondents, while most of them are located in the United States and participated in preparing the ranking below.

We have the policy of not involving the fans as it may influence the final ranking and instead of that we rely on the opinions of experts.

All-United States category applies only to American Professional Basketball (not the NBA), but also these, who played overseas (mostly in NBA). The minor leagues were selected off of number of games, stats, players going overseas and overall talent.

Ahead of them all has to be the NBA D-League. The D-League by far has the most talent in the United States. Not only do they have the most talent they are branded by the brand (NBA). The D-League has sent over 20 players up to the NBA this season including 2011 All-United States Player of the Year Othyus Jeffers and 2nd Team member Jeff Adrian.

The UBA continues to be the most impressive league of them all under the power houses. The UBA has sent over 80 players overseas in just 3 seasons. Not only do their players move on to the next level they all play well. Over 50% of the UBA players go to their mid-level countries and average the same numbers as they did in the UBA league.

The IBL and the PBL have to be two of the most entertaining and profitable leagues going in the United States. The PBL has the largest budget than all of the minor leagues and continue to add big talent. The IBL has been carried by power teams like the Los Angel es Lightning and ex NBA players like Bryon Russell and Toby Bailey.

The ABA is one of the longest running leagues in the minor league circuit. No doubt about it, it's the longest running US pro league in the USA.

The NBL Canada is th new league on the block but their carrying themselves like a true top notice league. Looke to be a future power.

This year, Justin Dentmon dominated the votes and was named Player of the Year award and also United States 1st Team.

The first team was dominated by NBA D-League players, with Non D-League selected just in the 2nd best team.

Best point guard of the year is Justin Dentmon. The D-League star had a terrific season with Austin Toros, leading the team to a 35-17 record. Dentmon led the Toros in assist this season with 5.9 and scored an impressive 22.6ppg. Dentmon was also named to the 2011 USA National Team. There is no question that he will be next in line for a call-up.

Shooting Guard of the Year is no surprise, Elijah Millsap. Millsap was called-up by the LA Lakers before returning to the Defenders. He finished the season an All-Star with an average of 19.6ppg and 6.5rpg.

In small forward position there is New Jersey Nets player Andre Emmett. This year, Emmett was one of the Dleagues top scorers with an average of 23.1ppg. The Texas Tech Star spent this season in the D-League with Reno Bighorns. He is currently playing in Lebanon for the playoffs.

Power forward of the year is one of the best athletes in the country: Brandon Costner. The Dleague All- Star was one of the key players of the LA Defender Championship run. Costner is currently averaging 19.6ppg and 6.0rpg.

Best center of the year is one of the biggest revelations of the previous season: Marcus Lewis. The big man had an impressive year with Tulsa 66ers averaging 15.6ppg and a league best 12.4rpg. He is by far the best big in the NBA-DLeague.

The best coach of the year has to be the surprise of the year, Travis McAvene. He was named All-UBA coach of the Year leading his Cincinnati Slam to a 19-1 record and sending 4 players overseas in just his first season in the UBA. McAvene has also been named to the USA National Team staff for the William Jones Cup in Taiwan this summer live o ESPN. All-United States 1st Team 2012
Justin Dentmon
Brandon Costner
Marcus Lewis
Andre Emmett
Morris Almond

Player of the Year: Justin Dentmon (6'0''-G-85) of Austin Toros (NBA D-League)
Point Guard of the Year: Justin Dentmon (6'0''-G-85) of Austin Toros (NBA D-League)
Shooting Guard of the Year: Elijah Millsap (6'6''-G-87) of Reno Bighorns (NBA Dleague)
Small Forward of the Year: Andre Emmett (6'5''-G/F-82) of Reno Bighorns (NBA Dleague)
Power Forward of the Year: Brandon Costner (6'9''-F-87) of Los Angeles Defenders (NBA Dleague)
Center of the Year: Marcus Lewis (6'8''-F/C-86) of Tulsa 66ers (NBA Dleague)
Coach of the Year: Travis McAvene of UBA

1st Team
F: Brandon Costner (6'9''-87) of Los Angeles Defenders (NBA Dleague)
F/C: Marcus Lewis (6'8''-86) of Tulsa 66ers (NBA Dleague)
G: Justin Dentmon (6'0''-85) of Austin Toros (NBA D-League)
G/F: Andre Emmett (6'5''-82) of Reno Bighorns (NBA Dleague)
F/G: Morris Almond (6'6''-85) of Maine RC (NBA Dleague)

2nd Team
G/F: Jermaine Barnes (6'5''-82) of GIE Morrow Disciples (UBA/Dominican Republic)
F: Gabe Freeman (6'6''-85) of Bakersfield Jam (NBL)
PG: Blake Ahearn (6'2''-84) of Reno Bighorns (Dleague)
G: Perry Petty (6'1''-88) of Central Illinois Drive (PBL)
F: Chris Commons (6'9''-84) of Scranton (PBL)
F/C: Jermaine Bell (6'11''-84) of Jacksonville Giants (ABA)

3rd Team
G: Tony White (6'0''-88) of South Carolina Warriors (ABA)
C: Malcolm Thomas (6'9''-88) of LA Defenders (Dleague)
G/F: Hugh Jones (6'5''-80) of Beltway Bombers (ACPBL)
F: Ryan Edwards (6'5''-83) of Kankakee Country S. (IBA)
F: Jonathon Avery (6'7''-88) of Cincinnati Slam/ Chile (UBA)
G: Anthony Anderson (5'11''-81) of Saint John MR (NBL)

Honorable Mention
Keith Closs (7'4''-C-76) of Los Angeles Slam (WCBL)
Nick Carter (6'1''-F-86) of Hudson Valley H. (EBA)
Tim Williams (6'3''-G-89) of Battle Creek (IBA)
Herman Favors (5'9''-G-84) of Sauk Valley Predators (PBL)
Chris Matthews (6'4''-G-85) of Washingron Maddness (EBA)
Freddie Williams (6'2''-G-87) of GIE Morrow Disciples (UBA)
Elvin Mims (6'5''-F-79) of Lawton Fort Sill Cavalry (PBL)
DeAndre Bray (5'6''-G-85) of Southern Generals (UBA)
Greg Smith (6'10''-C-91) of Rio Grande Vipers (Dleague)   

Joe Newman
Richmond Elite tops Kentucky Enforcers in latest ABA Power Rankings - 5 days ago
The American Basketball Association (ABA) today released its Power Rankings through Sunday, January 14th and the Richmond Elite held the #1 position over the undefeated Kentucky Enforcers by a slight margin. "There is really not much distance between the top 15 teams, probably the most competitive season ever," stated ABA co-founder Joe Newman . "It is really getting exciting." 1. Richmond Elite 10-0 2. Kentucky Enforcers 11-0 3. South Florida Gold 12-1 4. Jacksonville Giants 9-1 5. Worc...   [read more]
ABA Scores - Weekend ending Sunday, Jan 14 - 5 days ago
St. Louis Spirits over Southwest Warriors, 134-111 Jacksonville Giants over DMV Warriors, 116-111 Salina Saints over Hutchison Heat, 122-110 West Michigan Lake Hawks over Team Network, 127-97 Pensacola Lightning over Orlando Waves - Forfeit Kentucky Enforcers over La Crosse Showtime, 101-88 Chicago Steam over Chicago Fury, 106-94 Binghamton Bulldogs over Pottstown Flames, 168-126\ Springfield Sting over Jersey Express, 142-139 South Florida Gold over St. Augustine Glory, 143-110 South Flo...   [read more]

Joe Newman
Richmond Elite still #1 in ABA Power Rankings - 12 days ago
The American Basketball Association (ABA) released its Power Rankings for the week ending Sunday, January 7th, and once again, the Richmond Elite held the #1 spot, closely followed by the unbeaten Kentucky Enforcers and Orlando Waves. "This was an upset filled weekend with two highly ranked undefeated teams losing," stated ABA co-founder Joe Newman . "The quality of teams is outstanding this season and it is going to be a battle for first place throughout the year." It took 8 games to be...   [read more]

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